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Posted by patrickklepek (6420 posts) -

In addition to Nintendo revealing it's not making much money yesterday, the company held a financial results briefing where it revealed a bit more about its strategy for the coming months.

This includes a few teases of what we'll be seeing at E3.

Chiefly, in the vein of Skylanders, Nintendo is finally going to take advantage of the NFC chip inside Wii U's Game Pad. The company will release figurines to interact with games on both Wii U and 3DS. Since the 3DS does not have an NFC chip, Nintendo will be releasing an accessory. The development codename for this has been the "Nintendo Figurine Platform."

More details on NFP are coming at E3, and the company specifically said multiple titles are involved. The games and figurine program are expected to launch before the year is over.

Nintendo also confirmed the upcoming Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are "full-remakes" of the Game Boy Advance games Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

Nintendo has talked about paying more attention to mobile and tablet devices, even if that doesn't mean answering calls for the company to produce games for them. Instead, Nintendo will launch a web service called Mario Kart TV, allowing users to watch videos, keep track of friends, monitor tournaments, etc.

In an interview with Reuters, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed the company would be looking into releasing new hardware and software specifically targeted at emerging markets. Though details on this initiative are light, Iwata said Nintendo could being rolling this new program sometime next year.

#1 Posted by csl316 (11112 posts) -

Cool, man. I'm sure once I get some figurines in my new condo, the ladies won't be able to resist!

Very curious what Nintendo's next wave of software will look like.

#2 Edited by mrfluke (5677 posts) -

that NFC thing, could be cool with smash bros.

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There's already too many figurines like this out there and more are on the way from the existing games. This is going to end up being like Guitar Hero and Rock Band battling it out for shelf space at the stores. I have some of the figurines for Infinity and Giants and the quality on them isn't consistent. As a collector, I really have to look at them to make sure the paint isn't all messed up. I'm sure little kids don't care about that aspect but if they want me to collect them, they need to be of a good quality. Not really interested in this Nintendo thing because Nintendo games don't really do anything for me anymore. A Mario figure or something might be cool but if I want that, I'm sure there's other better collectibles like that already out there.

#4 Posted by Sargon (43 posts) -

So let me get this straight, we transition to digital media to eliminate useless discs and boxes, then replace them with other unnecessary items that consume even more space?

#5 Edited by GunslingerPanda (5030 posts) -

@sargon: They're completely different things. One is a figurine that you can buy, or not, that's cool; the other is a formerly ancillary method of holding data that is now obsolete.

#6 Posted by CaLe (4318 posts) -

The death throes of a Colossus won't leave your heart free from pangs.

#7 Posted by Spitznock (773 posts) -

Nintendo seems to be the go-to punching bag for a lotta folk, but I'm still rootin' for em.

#8 Posted by BreakfastKing (126 posts) -

@dvdwalker8: That's my worry. I'm totally digging Disney Infinity and look forward to new stuff from that, but I'm worried over-saturation will kill it for everyone.

That said, it's not impossible that this is just going to be the future of toys. Maybe this is what saves Nintendo as well as the toy industry.

#9 Posted by King9999 (663 posts) -

I'm guessing Nintendo will be releasing some sort of micro console. I'm curious as to what kinds of games they will make for these emerging markets, though.

#10 Edited by kcin (284 posts) -

@gunslingerpanda: They are not completely different things. With these figurines, they've simply turned down the storage size and turned up the aesthetics, making them appealing in a different way than classic storage media. It's still a data storage device, it just has a different kind of value to some people. The choice to buy them or not which you present isn't a choice if you want to use the data they hold; they don't simply sell DLC characters of Disney Infinity figurines in lieu of purchasing the figurines themselves, and I doubt that Nintendo will, either.

#11 Posted by Kentobi (104 posts) -

Funny how popular opinion (and mine, for that matter) is "Hey, if Nintendo didn't make hardware, imagine the effort they could put behind games!" And now, Nintendo's thought is "Hey, what if we had more hardware....!"

#12 Posted by Brenderous (1189 posts) -

Oh jeez.. if there are going to be Nintendo NFC figurines to collect.. oh jeez you guys I don't know. This could be bad for me.

#13 Posted by vonFlampanker (352 posts) -

This headline isn't going to make any sense tomorrow.

#14 Posted by Frump (26 posts) -

Nintendo will be fine. This is all really lame though and I couldn't be less interested. I guess the Wii u was their "core gamer" initiative and it failed, so here we are, catering to kids and phone game people.

#15 Posted by OneManX (1709 posts) -

This is nuts... Nintendo originally turned down Skylanders before they went to Activision.

And instead of having the deathgrip on market, here they come with a probably ok, version of their own.

#16 Edited by GunslingerPanda (5030 posts) -

@kcin: False on many levels, but I have a feeling this is just a manifestation of the blind hive-mind dislike for Nintendo rearing its bull-headed mug again, so whatever.

#17 Posted by Crunchman (417 posts) -

Pokemon. I'm talking about trading cards with RFID chips in them, Poké Balls, AR Pokemon battles with your 3DS. Gotta catch 'em all, man. Chase the dragon, Nintendo.

#18 Edited by Benmo316 (755 posts) -

This could be interesting. Using NFC figures for multiple titles has my interest. But seriously, that's the lamest code name I've ever seen.

#19 Edited by HammondofTexas (1158 posts) -
@mrfluke said:

that NFC thing, could be cool with smash bros.

I remember having all the characters/items from Smash Bros as those virtual figurines and how you could do a 3D rotate around them. Just make all of those NFC style toys a la Skylanders.

But let's be serious here for a moment, this is all a distraction so that we forget about Frog Fractions 2.

#20 Posted by Mechanized (381 posts) -

I don't get the point of this. Skylanders has characters gated by means of purchase to unlock them in the game. Nintendo characters are all part of long running franchises, you can already play as them in games. There are already a ton of mash up games involving all the key characters as well. What exactly can they do with this that would be interesting?

#21 Posted by Crunchman (417 posts) -
#22 Edited by Stimpack (964 posts) -

I think all of this sounds terrible and dirty. I feel like this is going to lead to people paying $5 a pop to unlock new beds in Animal Crossing. This seriously feels like the last thing Nintendo needs. It might be great for getting kids to hassle their parents, but I can't believe this will turn out well.

Also, for all the crap everyone talks about the space requirements of physical media, how is keeping a bunch of action figures going to be any better?

#23 Edited by SupberUber (335 posts) -

Mortal Kombat TV will be a reality, finally!

#24 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3851 posts) -

Does this mean Zoe Quinn is a certified second-party Nintendo developer?

#25 Posted by Chicken008 (501 posts) -

Instead of NFC toys Nintendo should make more Pikmin 3 DLC. :D

#27 Posted by XplusY (76 posts) -

NFC Pokemon?

Catch them all for $9.99 USD each!

#28 Posted by NecroNeko (32 posts) -
#29 Posted by scottygrayskull (500 posts) -

NFC and Pokemon remakes?

No thanks. I know plenty of people will eat that shit up, but I'll pass.

#30 Posted by Eribuster (619 posts) -

I'm interested in how Nintendo will approach with their NFP figurines.

While it is easy to think the worse, keep in mind Nintendo's approach with DLC and microtransactions. At their worse with Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS), they are offering a $15 season pass for a $30 game that clearly details the additional courses and characters the DLC will give you in exchange for money. Rusty's Real Deal Baseball crafts a narrative around the free-to-play and microtransaction experience that engages the player and offers (pre-programmed) discounts. The Streetpass Plaza DLC has a slimy, humorous sales bunny that contextualizes the transaction. And for New Super Mario Bros 2, Nintendo has made it painfully clear that the DLC they made for that game was made after the main game was finished.

Given the above history, we have good reason to hope that Nintendo will make their NFP figurines a compelling and reasonable addition to their games.

Or they might just fuck it all up.

#31 Posted by Winternet (8258 posts) -

"New hardware"? Huh.

#32 Posted by Eribuster (619 posts) -

"New hardware"? Huh.

Get ready for the iQue 2!

#33 Edited by joshwent (2848 posts) -

...and a single digital tear runs down R.O.B.'s plastic cheek.

#34 Posted by Chicken008 (501 posts) -

@xplusy said:

NFC Pokemon?

Catch them all for $9.99 USD each!

Poemon Rumble U uses NFC. The toys are only $4, though there are only 23 of them.

#35 Edited by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

@winternet: Probably that single-screen 3DS I've been hearing so much about.

#36 Edited by Moonshadow101 (628 posts) -

Anyone else assume that this was going to be about that other Nintendo thing that just happened?

#37 Posted by swat200 (294 posts) -

Iwata proving even more that he has no idea what he is doing, and sinking Nintendo in the process.

#38 Posted by Rejizzle (508 posts) -

"New hardware"? Huh.

All Hail the Virtual Boy!

#39 Edited by JoeyRavn (5130 posts) -

Honestly, I don't care what Sony or Microsoft do at E3 (and generally speaking, ever). Nintendo has already won in my heart.

#40 Posted by BigD145 (243 posts) -

@sargon: Worse, we are working towards putting the old cartridges in our bodies with expensive surgery and guess what happens when your cartridge is no longer supported.

#41 Posted by SteamRickroller (318 posts) -

I just got to ask: if there was a NFC chip in the GamePad, then why the FUCK didn't Activision and Disney bother using it for Skylanders and Disney Infinity?


#42 Posted by RudeCubes (153 posts) -

@steamrickroller: Because for those you need the figures on top of that chip constantly, meaning you can't use it as a controller. Also you can only fit one figure at a time.

#43 Posted by Toug (385 posts) -

*knocks everything off a shelf in preparation for buying a million smash bros toys*

#44 Edited by Cold_Wolven (2386 posts) -

This could be cool and I'm intrigued about what the games surrounding these figurines will be like which by rights Nintendo should do even better than its competitors.

#45 Posted by evxan (4 posts) -

Fuck all this. If you're gonna remake stuff nintendo, give me a wi-fi/4g GBA.

#46 Posted by Zainyboy (128 posts) -

Well whatever it takes to keep them in business. The world needs Nintendo.

#47 Posted by LiquidPrince (16523 posts) -

Andorid phones are ready to party with Nintendo.

#48 Edited by Hawkerace (295 posts) -

Just make games, god damn.

#49 Posted by ThatPrimeGuy (153 posts) -

If they don't give them the Smash Bros-like bronze base on the bottom and call them "Trophies" they fucked up.



(Also the funeral for my wallet is on Sunday)

#50 Edited by freakin9 (1187 posts) -

Note to gamers: Grow the fuck up fast before you are knee deep in Nintendo NFP debt.

I'm sure whatever they have planned for these emerging markets it will be cute, and adorable. That's pretty much all they seem to know how to do. "Got children? Are you a child yourself? Are you a adult that never grew up? Well we've got something for allll those markets!"