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I bought the Zelda 3DS XL bundle, and I'm really enjoying it but there's a slight issue niggling at me. When I view the top screen from a certain angle, I can see a thin blue light on the bottom edge of the top screen.

The problem seems to be more obvious when the screen is white. I'm just wondering whether this is specific to my 3DS or whether it's just something endemic to having a 3D screen.

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Is it both with and without the 3D enabled?

I've just checked mine, no blue on the bottom edge of the screen in either case.

Nothing to do with you having a pending notification causing the top LED to blink blue, reflecting off the screen or something is it?

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Sounds like you may be getting some backlight bleeding, especially since you mentioned the issue is more noticeable when the screen is all white. My XL doesn't have that problem, if it really bugs you, you may want to consider exchanging it for a different one.

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The problem definitely seems more prominent when the 3D effect is on.

Still, seeing that I have to hold my head in such a specific position to see it, I don't think it's that big of an issue, but if it keeps on bothering me, I might exchange it.