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So, with E3 looming I'm wondering if now is a safe time to get a 3DS XL or not. Do we have any clue if Nintendo might introduce new models? Price cuts?

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Why not wait until after E3?

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I would say yes, but you may as well just wait just in case.

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Go for an OG or 2DS instead.

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It's worth waiting just in case (I'd reckon they'd announce a price drop if anything, doubt there'll be any new 3DS hardware). I upgraded to a 3DS XL back in Jan and love it, couldn't resist the Zelda edition.

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I would be really surprised if they dropped the price at E3. There's just no reason for them to do so.

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I'm gonna just go ahead and do it. I doubt they'll do new hardware and can't see a price drop honestly. Plus I wanna replace my OG 3DS pretty bad.

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I'd just wait it out until after E3... you never know man.

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If you already have a 3DS, wait until after E3. Nintendo loves hardware revisions.

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@mb said:

If you already have a 3DS, wait until after E3. Nintendo loves hardware revisions.

I agree, they may make a price cut or a new bundle that may interest you. E3 is just a month away, not that long to wait.

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@raven_sword: Wait a week. Then buy it from a store with a 30 day return policy. You'll know by the end of E3 if you need to return it.

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You're always going to be taking a gamble. Nintendo put a lot of mimic 3DS's out into the wild. It's never safe to get one, you could lose a hand.

Get a 3DS it is awesome!

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So, the 3DSXL I picked up had a crooked screen :/ at least it looks like the top screen is slanted to me. So I'm gonna return it and just see what E3 has, if anything.

Is slanted top screens a known problem?

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I think it's safe now. Anthrax hasn't been found in a 3DS XL in months.

There are rumours of new Nintento hardware at E3 though.

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Does all hardware you buy have some fault to it?

(To answer the actual original post, you might as well wait until e3 is done. I think if any 3DS gets revised it would be the original, but you never know.)

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I'm debating on retiring my Special Edition Zelda 3DS and getting a new one as it is starting to wear down and I want to keep the system as usable as possible. Probably a price drop or new model might make me upgrade.

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my 3ds screen is upside down when i turn the 3ds 180 degrees is this normal

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@mb: ha ha , nah, this was legit. Also, changed my mind anyway cause I wanted to see what E3 had.

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No, this is legit. Had a similar issue with my OG 3DS. Took 2 returns to Nintendo to get a good one. I don't know if it's Nintendo just sucking with build quality or what, but I know I'm not seeing things I don't think.

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The 2DS just came out last fall so I can't imagine new handheld hardware or a price drop at E3. Nintendo might announce a 3DS bundle with Smash Bros. but I don't know if it will be for 2DS or the XL.

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@mb said:

@raven_sword: not this again...

Now I'm curious to know what other items he's purchased that have been defective.

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@liquidprince: only thing that comes to mind we're two originally 3DS's that had the same screen problem and a vizio tv that had a big green line on the side.

Again, really think it's just Nintendo build quality sucking considering I went through that screen thing two times before and there some posts online of other having something similar.

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Nah, you'll still likely get crushed to death by a 3DS XL.

I really don't know how Nintendo can legally sell them to be frank.

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I personally don't like the dimmer screen, I prefer default 3DS but the size cramps up my hand compared to the XL. But yeah, get it, it's the best system. Play Pushmo and then you'll be happy as a clam.

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Hopefully the next one I buy won't have that top screen problem. Or maybe I'm insane, I don't know. It just the game on the top screen looked slanted downwards to the right. Like if you tilted a picturing hanging on a wall

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I have an XL and it is pretty great. I even returned a regular 3DS a few days after I got it to trade up for an XL. It is still a good version to get even if they somehow decide to introduce a new one.