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So, I've recently started trying to play my 3DS more since I've owned it since around it was first released and haven't played much on it. However, I'm wondering if there's a issue with my top screen. I don't remember how the screen first looked when I got it, but it seems like the picture isn't sharp. It's rather blurry. And games seem jaggy.

Perhaps I'm spoiled by high res screens in my devices these days, but I really want to make sure if this is normal or how I can tell if there is a problem. I think there was one time I accidentally left it in my backpack in my car on a hot day, but I can't be a hundred percent sure. What would that type of damage look like?

Is this just how 3DS is suppose to look? Again, I have the original Cosmo black 3DS

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From my experience that is how the screen looks. Yet again Nintendo chose to release crap hardware because of the idea that people will buy their hardware anyways. The bottom screen is 320x240 resolution and the top screen is 800x240 (400x240 is the 3d is turned on).

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Might need some kinda picture to get a better idea of the issue you are encountering.

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may be a poor system, but the games are all excellent.

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I mean, it's not a top-end screen, but I've never thought it looked bad. Not what I'd define as "blurry", anyway. And I have an XL.

Both the screens look the same to me, though. Since you're singling out the top, are you saying it's worse than the bottom?

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if you mean jaggy by what's being rendered in 3d, then jaggy games are pretty normal on it.

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i took some photos of my 3DS running mario 3D and a demo of mario and luigi dream team. Not sure what youc an tell from them, but here you go:

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Sounds normal. The top screen is a noticeably lower quality when the 3D is turned off. If you turn it on then it's not nearly as noticeable, but I still tend to play with it off anyway. You get used to it.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Nintendo, where the games are great and the technology is not so great.

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@zeik: I find the opposite. Everything gets way more aliased once the 3D is clicked on, but is fine when the 3D is turned off.

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I play everything with the 3D all the way up, I think it looks nicer I don't really see the problem some people seem to have.

Your screen looks normal, try playing in 3D for a while.

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It's a pretty low res screen, especially if you set it next to a Vita, or a modern cell phone. It's the sort of thing you get used to after a while of using it regularly.

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It is more aliased with the 3D on, but it's also much more detailed, as the screen is actually utilizing its full resolution with both "images," whereas in 2D mode it's just doubling each horizontal line. sort of like the difference between a regular guitar and a 12-string

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The 3DS' single screens have a lower resolution than the PSP. Nintendo haven't been good with hardware for a while now.

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I'm not sure how much can be told from those pics, but does it look normal?

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@raven_sword: Looks normal to me. Like others have said, the resolution isn't great on the top screen.