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(Yea...one of those threads, sorry).

So I was able to trade in my old DS, and my PSP (1000), and picked up a 3DS XL. It's shiny, new, and the AR games are fun as hell. I currently have Pokemon White 2, Theathrhythm: Final Fantasy, and Star Fox 64 3D. Are there any other games I ought to check out? Note: I do have some old DS games, so I know I have options there.

The issue is....well, I haven't owned a current-gen console in 3 years (vintage gamer, and I'm not counting my PC). Therefore, I'm out of the loop.

I'm tempted with Project X Zone, and I know there are some big 3DS titles in the pipeline. So, what ones should I look at/wait for?

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No idea what you're into, but some good 3DS games are:

Fire Emblem Awakening, Etrian Odyssey, Devil Survivor, and the Ocarina of Time remake maybe?

Edit: also forgot 999/VLR if you have a tolerance for visual novels.

Unless you're from Europe, then the first 2 aren't out yet, the 3rd just launched with some pretty major issues, but I think Zelda is still a safe bet.

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Pushmo/Pullblox or its sequel. Super Mario 3D Land is a must, Paper Mario Sticker Star is another favourite of mine and Luigi's Mansion 2 is fan-fucking-tastic.

Edit: Oh, and Kid Icarus Uprising! I did find the game uncomfortable to play but goddamn is the content itself completely awesome.

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Check out the demos. I enjoyed the Mirror of Fate demo. People are also talking about HarmoKnight, and getting the game because of the demo. Though I suck at the demo because the buttons on my brand new 3DS XL feel too stiff.

Don't get Etrian Odyssey. It's a silly OCD map-drawing, random encounter game. We don't need that.

There is a Mr. Driller game in the DSiware section of eshop. It's 4.99. I plan to get it soon, when I do I'll tell y'all how awesome it is.

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I also really enjoyed Mirror of Fate, myself.

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When did you buy the system? There was a deal I did last week where I bought a 3DS and bought Luigi's Mansion and got Super Mario 3D Land for free. That's a great 3DS game 2 for 1 brother! :)

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I just bought it Sunday. I think the Luigi's Mansion deal is good until 4/30. Tempting for sure.

Keep the suggestions coming. I appreciate the info.

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Monster Hunter's been pretty fun for me, especially since who the fuck actually has a WiiU to play it on.

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999, then VLR.

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UK e-shop code. Might be used. I don't have many twitter followers so I don't know if anyone grabbed and used it - XDEVHVRJ5QDVUNB4

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Kid Icarus is still one of my favourite 3DS games.

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So I decided to capitalize on the promotion and pick up Luigi's Mansion, and redeemed Mario 3D Land. 2 games for essentially $20 ain't bad in my book.

Any opinions on RE: Revelations? I know Brad wasn't too fond of it.

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Kid Icarus, Metal Gear Solid, and Fire Emblem.

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Besides Fire Emblem get Luigi's Mansion and get Professor Laton or Super Mario 3D Land for free as that is what I did. And you did it seems.

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Animal Cross.