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If it's got 1:1 controller-to-tentacle motion with the PS Move controller, that may be reason enough to scrounge up a used one off ebay. This looks hysterical.

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Man, I keep seeing that name and I think of that lady who had eight kids that was on the news on all the time.

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Oh Octodad...

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I don't get it. So it's a game about a man trying to get married? I thought with a name like Octodad it had something to do with an octopus. Oh well!

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I got to play this with the PS4 controller at Eurogamer and it weirdly felt too easy. With the original, you're often fighting with the controls to get them to do what you want but with the controller, it's a breeze and I was able to complete tasks effortlessly. Take the end walk down the aisle for example, I was able to get down only knocking 1 over right at the beginning and walking just requires tapping the triggers.

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@mrcraggle: In a similar GAF thread, one of the guys from Young Horses was saying that they're looking for something more accessible and less QWOPish (a paraphrase); More slapstick and less frustration machine. They're likely still tweaking things to find the right balance as I'm sure they don't want it to be a walk in the park. As a side note, he mentioned that achievements/trophies for the game will include collectibles, getting through an area without causing suspicion, speedrun/time trials, etc.. A speedrun/low suspicion combo achievement sounds maddeningly fun, imo.

@thekitkatshuffler: (⌐■_■)

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I just want to say that "Dadliest Catch" is still my favorite title ever.

How this isn't a movie or TV series yet is beyond me.

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@believer258: I wouldn't be surprised if the original concept of the game was somehow inspired by Nadia "Octomom" Suleman.

@grixxel: It is, this level is just a flashback. They're just going back and showing more of how Octodad and his wife met and got married in the first place.

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@fushichou187: The suspicion thing came into play at the end of the demo but slowly pressing on the triggers helped me get by. I just think the current precision at least on the PS4, is too much. It sounds like a weird complaint but the fun in Octodad was your inability to have full control so you'd end up just wrecking shit. Throughout the demo they place obstacles in your path but I never really found myself knocking into anything. Even at the end where you're more than likely expected to throw everything out of the chest to get the key I was just able to pick up first try with no problem.

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