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Hi duders!

Hello. Hiiiii. Hola... Bonjour.


My name is Pimbly and you may know me from fine moments such as the <Bomba Gigante> painting, or just being a wise ass on streams.

<Bomba Gigante> Original Oil on canvas. By Pimbly (2014)

This is my 1,000th forum post. Usually not much for tradition, but this is special. Figured why not share a select collection of pictures I took from 10 years ago (2004).

Been going through 10+ year old CDs containing my photography, recordings with the old band, graphic art, web sites & old code. If these CDs aren't backed up, they will degrade and become useless; the data will be gone forever.

For the small amount of CDs that are already nonfunctional, it's all made up for because some Dreamcast games were discovered!

Unfortunately, none of these pictures below are video game related. Then again, why would I pay $50/year to post video game related material on this web site anyway?

Mmmmm...... Steak Umms?

I love you Giant Bomb. This not only means the internal crew, but the entire community that makes days just that much more brighter. I love all you duders.

This is a huge step for this duder. I'm breaking out of character and showing the true Pimbly and his adventures. By the way, my real name is Patrick.

Giant Bomb has inspired me in so many ways over the years. The internal crew are inspiring in that they all put themselves out there with their real identities. It's a hold nothing back; accept it, love it or hate it mentality. Of course it helps that all members of the team have unique personalities yet play very well off each other. It's like a really good improvisational band. Damnit if they're not all real funny duders too.

Been following these guys since the Gamespot days. Can't believe it took me till' Jan 2010 to sign up. It's embarrassing, but here's my first post ever on this site:

I feel so bad for the users having overheating & freezing problems! It’s just not fair after all this. However, I’m not surprised that LA Noire’s engine is probably just as much a cause as the firmware update (possibly). Not many console games, includingXB360, use ssao (ambient occlusion) and what looks like 2x-4x anti-aliasing. Also, the LOD of all the textures in the game is too small of an increment between each new compression. Basically, what I mean is that this game is fricking gorgeous, and uses all the graphics tricks in the book. However, for this reason, it causes the consoles to gain more heat than can be dispersed. I really hope it’s a firmware issue, otherwise I don’t see an easy solution in the future from Rockstar & Team Bondi. By the way, I have one of the newer 320GB PS3 Slims & haven’t had LA Noire freeze once. The framerate is all over the place though, which is normal for this type of game engine. Maybe the older PS3 models don’t have the proper heat dispersement capabilities that the newer models do?

I love hiking and 3d modeling most. Finding a common connection between the two is my passion. Resources are always limited, so the task is not easy. Been working on an algorithm that procedurally creates distinct overlays based on the type of texture put into memory, thus making unique textures from the same pattern; repeated.

Shit... I've already gotten carried away from the main goal of this blog.

Here's a selection of pictures I took with a FUJI FinePix J110w 10MP ten years ago:

Krit in lower falls - Cascade Falls
Mai Boys in upper falls - Cascade Falls
Krit in upper falls - Cascade Falls
Mr. Snapping Turtle - lower falls - Rattlesnake Gulf - Otisco, NY
Hello World! - Pimbly at Carpenter's Falls, NY
Sup birdies!
Birdie says: Hi. Hello. Hola. OYE!
My new beard... thoughts?
Tim at Fellow's Falls, NY - 1
Tim at Fellow's Falls, NY - 0
Jimbo wondering if Cabagepatch Kids really exist under the falls - Blue Hole - Otisco, NY
Infestation of 2004
Chris and his fiance at lower falls - Rattlesnake Gulf, NY
Jeremy at Chimney Bluffs NY
30 Minutes before broken ankle extraction - Fall Brook Falls - Ithaca, NY
Adrian's Revenge - lower falls Carpenter's Falls, NY
Adrian's Triumph - lower falls Carpenter's Falls, NY
Adrian's Zen - lower falls Carpenter's Falls, NY
Jeremy and Rose - lower Delphi Falls, NY
Rose at lower Delphi Falls, NY
Top left is my friend Chris at Manlius Falls NY
My friend Tim at Perryville Falls, NY
We're all up to no good - Cascade Falls

So what do you duders think?


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They're pretty pictures, but since I don't know any of the duders in them, their significance is slightly lost on me.

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@liquidprince: I chose these pictures not because of the subjects behind them, but because of the beauty of the overall composition.


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Great post, great pictures. Keep on keepin' on!

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@spctre: Thanks! You keep on duderin' on too.

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Nice photo's love the bird pics. I like to do some photography myself, I need to get out more to enjoy it though ;/ This is a much better way to spend that thousandth post than most of us who have passed that came up with I bet.

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What a beautiful post. :)

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@karkarov: That means a lot. You should keep pursuing photography. Your aperture is golden.

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Couldn't help but notice there are turtles and birds in this post.

I'll let you figure out the significance of that.

(Nice post BTW and congrats!)

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@turtlebird95: Wow, your avatar and name.... the only two animal pics posted in this blog.... what are the odds?!

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Nice Post duder! Those are some really incredible shots, especially from a 10 year old camera.

From my 100th post to your 1000th, Congratulations!

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@bboys2231: And congrats to you too on hitting 100. It's amazing that my cell phone can now take higher resolution shots and provide manual settings better than that camera could.

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These are amazing. Awesome post! And on to another ten years.

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@blu3v3nom07: Thanks! Oh I can't wait to see the state of Giant Bomb and the crew in 10 years! ;)