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Welcome to my first blog post.

(The first of many hopefully)

Bioshock Infinite was amazing - yes it is common knowledge but it just needed to be said. I'm waiting for my close friends to finish it so I can talk to them about that crazy ending. But I've been hearing some were upset with it - are they just hating because they can or do they have real reasons?

The one I see that keep cropping up everywhere is how Elizabeth, when in combat is invulnerable and throws equipment at your during combat which pauses it for a brief seconds. They are saying that it breaks the immersion.

The question is - would letting Elizabeth be a target been any fun?

So now you've got to protect Lizzy, she has a health bar &/or be capture. This will hamper your movement greatly since your going have to babysit her. This will make using the skyline system reduntant since you can't leave her on her own.

Then what would happy if a Handy man came - those things were frighting on normal and having to kite them around would of been a nightmare if they decided to one shot lizzy.

Some games can pull it off well such as Resident Evil 4 & Ico. There you had slow moving enemies who would try and grab them and take them away given you time to support them. But Infinite - I'm glad they saw reason not to have her be a reliability.

People would of hated the game for sure!

Was they anything you hated about the game

Anyway, here's my video review for the game. Hope you enjoy

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If there are people who think making Liz a target during combat is a good idea then they're idiots. Everyone rightly complained throughout the last generation about escort missions, and there are people who want that shit back? Damn. Anyway, can't watch your video atm, I'm listening to Primus. Les Claypool, man.