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I was disappointed this wasn't in the game of the year discussions this year but which new character from 2011 would you peeps most want to party with?

I would want to party with a blob from Tales from Space: About a Blob.

This size changing fella would be the life of any party growing and growing until eventually the party took place inside him.

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I would totally wanna party with Wheatly.

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Wheatly? No way, it would be more fun to party with the space core in space.

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Rucks from Bastion, Wheatley or Clayton Carmine. Fuck Jace, he's useless.

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Zimos. That dude talks in autotune.

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@EpicBenjamin said:

Zimos. That dude talks in autotune.

Actually Zimos would be pretty damn awesome, and he would probably bring some of his women.

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I'd be down for partying with Adam Jensen. Augmented partying yo.

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I'd want to party with either Zimos or Sheogorath.

Although I don't know if Sheogorath counts considering he was also in games before Skyrim, it was just a different iteration of him...

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zimos is pretty good, but i would party with "your character" from saints row regardless of the voice because theyre ALL FUCKING AWESOME

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I would party with Johnson!

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Zimos motherfucker.

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Zimos seems like a fun dude to party with

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I dunno guys, the last party I went to with Zimos ended up with me fighting for my life against a bunch of ho assassins.

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Rucks for sure. Dat voice.

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The narrator in Bastion. He has a voice that makes you think, "I'd like to have a beer with that guy." Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if his voice actor got started in beer commercials.

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Rucks, shit he has to say is poetic sometimes.

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Cave Johnson. He would get hammered, and start rating about lemons and science.

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Zimos and Johnson. Probably Johnson, since he has way more connections.

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Hell yes Johnson from Shadows of the Damned; he's transport, weaponry, British and sung that great post-credits song.

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The Ice-T guy from Gears. Why? Cause hes ICE-T.

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Burt fucking Reynolds.

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The Dragonborn. FUS RO DAH!

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@TrippinBungalow said:

Burt fucking Reynolds.