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...Dick Clark died. Beat that.

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I'm more bummed out that Gerry Anderson died a few days ago. Then again his work inspired me in my childhood and 2012 has been a good one thanks to that.

Yeah, as morbid as it sounds - it beats that.

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...This mod for Skyrim came out

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...Space Team was nominated for best multiplayer game.

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My wife left me and my mum got diagnosed with breast cancer.

Beat that.

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@UlquioKani said:

...This mod for Skyrim came out

Bookmarked, downloaded and installed.

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What a dark thread.

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@Sumbog: Talking about things is all part of the healing process..

But yes, I tend to agree.

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...Mass Effect 3

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The end of the world did not happen

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A friend of mine died.

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My cat just looked at me dejectedly.

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I stubbed my toe.

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... I spent a whole day watching my chihuahua slowly succumb to cancer. The day before my SAT.

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@UlquioKani said:

...This mod for Skyrim came out

She looks like she's covered in jizz.


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Community was delayed... again.

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@Phatmac said:

I stubbed my toe.

No further comment needed.

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So this just became the first world problems thread, huh?

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@UlquioKani: What the hell? Her hair's still dry.

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The world didnt end, so depressing

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Actually, I meant for this to be a joke thread. My inaugural joke was "2012 was so bad... Dick Clark died." The subtext being that he died just so he didn't have to do his New Years Eve thing for 2012. The challenge is to come up with a better punch line. I think mine was pretty good.

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Bad as in bad, or bad as in good?

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I truly did not believe the world would end on December 21st.