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Soooo... what's hot these days, guys? I don't really follow pop music but I want that summer jam magic for 2014, like 2013's Get Lucky.

If you've got suggestions, lemme know!! I've got a Spotify list open for additions.


2014 Summer Anthems are good, bad, catchy and terrible (as the current list no doubt shows). So cut loose, guys. Guns blazing with your summer jams.

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Seems like the link's broken. I think you might have forgotten to publish the playlist or something.

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If you're Rojo Emm, you haven't made the playlist public.

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@thethirdrlm: Moved to Off Topic. Please try to keep new threads posted in the relevant forums. Thanks!

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@thethirdrlm: General is for non-specific game forum topics. Off-Topic is for anything non-games related that doesn't have a relevant forum. Both are meant for broader conversations, so your music topic would fit into Off-Topic. No worries, as it can all get a little confusing. We have a FAQ stickied to the top of the forums if you're looking for more information.

Also, any hot summer jamz without Kenny Loggins is just doing life wrong.

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@teaoverlord Oh man... thank you so much for Riff Raff. Its beautiful.

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I wish this were on Spotify soooooo bad

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that neon icon is my album of the summer, maybe my album of the year

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well i have to say that everything so far is at least terrible so where part of the way there.

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Doses and Mimosas- Cherub

You're welcome.

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@joey: That's pretty great! So is this!

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I've added a few tunes that will be getting heavy rotation from me this summer!

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@liquidsnakegfer9 said:

that neon icon is my album of the summer, maybe my album of the year

As it should be. Neon Icon IS Summer Jams. Not to mention Fall and Winter Jams.

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I'm really enjoying Phish's song "The Line" from their new album.

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@liquidsnakegfer9 said:

that neon icon is my album of the summer, maybe my album of the year

As it should be. Neon Icon IS Summer Jams. Not to mention Fall and Winter Jams.


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Not sure that it's technically a "summer" jam, but ever since Gerstmann played this on his E3 Drive to LA this shit has been stuck in my head

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Oh shoot it IS summer!

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@chaser324: That Foster the People remix was pretty dope.

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Goddamn, guys. This list is getting amazing.
REALLY wish all of these links were on Spotify too.


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@chaser324: That sake video is amazing. Holy crap.

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You already have Hangover on there. That's all I can ask for.

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@thethirdrlm: I wish I had more to add, but my music selection is pretty out of date. Last time I kept up on music was about five or six years ago, but you really can't go wrong with Black Keys for just about any sort of party atmosphere.

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I am a huge fan of Chromeo, his new album "White Girls" is a little weaker than his previous albums but there are some good hits on there.

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Also the new Childish Gambino album is pretty good.

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Following :) and check this out

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@deepspace9mm: Uhh... You shouldn't be allowed to put up a 3 part story music video before the third part is released. That's like making an HBO series on a bunch of books before all of them have been written.

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Summer Jam Alert:

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@dan_citi: Wow, I never thought someone would like Mac DeMarco here. :D

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@wemibelec90: I have no idea what they are saying but holy cookies that is catchy!

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@milkman said:

Summer Jam Alert:

Fuckin love grimes!

EDIT: Although as much as I like her music, this isn't doing it for me, because the production kind of seems like the dubstep loop that Casio keyboards will have built in in 15 years, and thase mid range stabs sound way too much mike Pon de Floor by Major Lazer.

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@thomasnash: It's not my favorite Grimes song but it's very summer jam-y so I figured it warranted mentioning. Fun fact about that song, she originally wrote it for Rihanna to use but she turned it down, which is probably why it sounds a little more generic than her usual stuff.

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@milkman: Yeah not doubting its place here! Summer jams kind of need to be a bit generic, don't they? I was just sad because at first I was like "holy shit new grimes track" and then I was kind of bummed.

grimes talk

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@thethirdrlm: There is a whole Saturday Morning Slow Jam playlist. Ducktales, TMNT, Pokemon, etc etc etc. I did just post that one because of the QL the other day.

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@kanerobot said:

@liquidsnakegfer9 said:

that neon icon is my album of the summer, maybe my album of the year

As it should be. Neon Icon IS Summer Jams. Not to mention Fall and Winter Jams.


"...this is the moon talkin' to ya...

....it's the actual moon..."

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My idea of a summer jam is chill but slighty upbeat music.

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This one is actually kinda old but i just started listening to them a few day ago so:

they have a real Queen vibe to them.

and this just because.

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So, is that Rdio playlist the most comprehensive Summer Jam list, since Spotify gutted half of Ryan's original list?

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@itwongo Regrettably, no. Not even close to the quality that was that list. But I think everyone has done a great job of pulling the bigger hits of 2014's summer hits!! ...at least what's readily available on Spotify.

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