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I apologize for thinking to post this a few hours late but in case you haven't heard the news, Joel Hodgson, aka creator of MST3K, is currently hosting a YouTube livestream in conjunction with Shout! Factory (who sells the catalog DVD's) to show 6 MST3K episodes today like Turday Days of yore.

The episodes are shown in full but Joel has done brief interstitials and they've been great. Nothing too fancy, none of the bots are there, but it's been a blast seeing him sharp as ever. The stream is a few hours deep so they're down a few episodes already and the selection has been even across Joel and Mike.

Head on over to mst3kturkeyday.com to check out the stream.

Here's the YouTube embed for kicks. Note: the YouTube stream is actively archiving within the window so you can go back to any point in the Turkey Day archive and slide it back up to live whenever. It's pretty cool!

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Watch out for snakes!

PS. They've already shown Space Mutiny, I Accuse My Parents, and now Werewolf. More to come!

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Sweet! MST3K is the best!

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Thanks for the heads up!

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Well now I know what im doing for the rest of the day.

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Aw, I find out right before I hafta go pick up my brother from the airport.

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Time to give this series another try. I always hear people talk about this show like it's the greatest thing of all time but I have never enjoyed it. I just never find anything they say to be funny.

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This is the best. MST3K is so damn good.

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I've been watching all day. I also have a stream that plays random episodes 24/7.

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