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Hey Guys,

I've never had this problem before. I booted up my 360 and it goes through the 360 Splash Video and then it loads up my Background Theme and then it hangs on this loading icon. The icon isn't spinning.

What's the deal? Any ideas?

I've had my 360 for a while. It's the Modern Warfare 2 Special Task Force 141 Edition.

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Try disconnecting it from your network. See if it still occurs.

Try removing the hard drive, see if it still occurs. Try to narrow down the problem.

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I started having this problem after the update. It definitely is related to going online. If I unplug the network cable it works fine, but the second I plug it in it hard locks.

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Yea I remember letting it update yesterday. Ugh. Thanks! I'll disconnect it and see if I'm in the same boat.