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So some of you may remember my thread I started about my dilemma
regarding a woman who is in her 30s and whether or not we should carry
on ‘having fun’. Well as you guys know your advice worked and I
started another post basically saying thank you for the advice.

Now I have another problem, she has been reading this book “50 shades
of grey” and I didn’t know what the book was about until I asked my
mum (of all people!!!!) about it and she gave me a basic run down of
how far she is in the book, and its basically – for all intent and
purposes – a book about bondage.

Now for the past couple of days she has been texting me telling me she
wants to try this stuff, and she wants me to play the role of chick
called Ana, and she will play the role of Mr Grey. (obviously these
won’t be our names) And it’s here where I am concerned, I am all for
trying new things but at what point do you stop and say “it’s getting
weird now”, I’ve always been one to spice things up in the bedroom,
but I have no idea what’s going to be coming. She says she is going to
get ‘equipment’ and we will have some fun. Of course when she says
equipment by mind immediately goes into ‘WTF mode’ and I start
questioning, what she is on about. Apparently it’s all a surprise!

Since you guys have been so helpful to me in the past, what I wish
from you once again is your advice on what I do in this situation, do
I go along with it and just have ‘fun’ or do I confront her with my
concerns and possibly ‘spoil the mood’?
Thanks guys

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Sorry if the layout is funny, I copied and pasted from email to phone

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Voice your concerns directly to her. Doing some sexual that you're not totally in to is a very degrading experience. You lose self respect and chances are she will pick up on your discomfort anyway and won't enjoy it.

Talk to her frankly, she'll understand and will probably suggest starting off with some lighter or drop it all together.

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In the words of Curb.

'Twist that ass up.'

Or, you could tell her what you want to do or not do. You know, like a person talking to another person.

Also, you're emailing this shit to other people? Like who!? WE'RE YOUR FAMILY NOW!

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I don't know why everyone is so desperate to discuss their sex-lives with random internet people but, if such an urge should take you, there are better, more appropriate places to do so than Giant Bomb.

It's a website. About video games.