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Heyo duders. It's 7/11. Which means... It's 7-Eleven day! Which means free slurpee day! Make sure to get your free slurpee today.

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Oh shit that's right! Thanks for the tip

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Fuck, there are no more 7-Elevens around my area anymore. :(

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There's 2 within 10 minutes of my house.

2 slurpees later...

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I wish UK had 7/11 :(

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I wish my town still had one. Got replaced with some generic liquor store. Asssssssssssssssssssss

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Be sure to pick up some steam gift cards too! Summer sale is nigh.

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No 7-11 were I live :(

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THAT'S FUCKING GREAT! There is one problem though, it's been years since I've ever seen a 7-11 station, and that's going back and forth from 4 different states. Guess there isn't none in my parts!

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There are definitely not enough 7/11 stores near my house, but there are some so I might grab one.

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I planned on getting one on my way to work but I was too late by 30 minutes. Damn it.

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Too bad they were the size of a dixie cup....at least here they were.

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I don't think I've seen a 7/11 in like 5 years at least.

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Well thats it for 7/11 day, tune in next year kids.

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Picked up a Fanta pink lemonade Slurpee yesterday. I usually go for the Coke ones, but I'd figure I'd try something different.

@heavymetalgamer1: Only free Small Slurpees here too. Kind of a bummer, but I understand why they did it.