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So i long thought about subbing on whisky media, but now i can see all giantbomb quick looks on youtube in hd, isnt that a bit weird? 
i mean if they want more subscribers

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Ya, I'm not really clear on their whole subscription thing. HD videos and archived stuff being locked behind the pay wall seems doubly weird to me now that you can just watch it all on youtube. It's usually a day or two after it hits the site, so I guess they are hoping that is what motivates people to buy the sub?

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Never thought so many people care about video resolution.

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I never watch the HD videos anyway. My internet sucks and they take too long to load.

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What's the current "high" resolution non-subscribers get? is it 560? I think the quality looks just fine without the "HD" button. But it's a bit weird it's free on youtube, since it is a part of the subscription.

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They don't have to pay to host them on youtube...

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@Paulus said:
They don't have to pay to host them on youtube...
Then why not embed the youtube videos?
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i mean i dont go on youtube just to watch an HD GB video...  i honestly dont think HD matters when it comes to videos but thats just my opinion