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Well this is a huge shot in the dark, but I might as well put the internet to good use! Lately myself and my friends have been playing risk, (old school!) When digging around my dads loft I found a near mint copy of Lord of the Rings Risk! It is awesome, but weirdly it only comes with the top half of the board. Gondor and Mordor are missing. Intrigued I looked online and found this comment on wikipedia.

" Criticism-Many fans were upset about the initial release of "Risk: Lord of the Rings edition" because it did not include the regions (continents) of Gondor and Mordor...It was thought that the "Trilogy Edition", to be released a year after the first, would be something of an add-on pack, including only Gondor and Mordor and intended to be lined up with existing Risk sets. However, the "Trilogy Edition" was actually a large super-map, containing all the original regions as well as Gondor and Mordor. As a result, fans that bought the original edition were left with "incomplete" Risk maps and would have to buy an entirely new game if they wanted the "full" version, although Hasbro did offer them an add on for a fee


Thanks guys!

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Ok something weird happened to my post and it cut out half way.....this is what i was going to say.

Unfortunately all copies of the game are now very rare and worth about £150 each. So i was asking if anyone had a copy of the expansion that they could take high res photos of, for me to then go and get it made up into a game board! Hope someone has!

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Isn't that game only 2 factions? Who'd want to play 2-faction risk?

EDIT: and because I feel bad for not replying to your topic: I would love to help, but the problems that come up are: my friend, who had LOTR Risk, I believe also had the same one that lacked Mordor and Gondor anyways; and then even if he had the stuff you were looking for, that particular Risk game is probably lost to the ages at this point, so I doubt I'd be able to get my hands on it anyways. My suggestion would be to check tag sales and flea markets, if you can't find what you're looking for on the internet.

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Also, to show my Risk dick is big:

I do miss the little plastic men from my other set (a bunch of which got lost, to the point where when my friends and I used to play with my first board some people would end up having to take a 2nd color), but the board itself is exactly as nice as it looks.

But some of the new mechanics are stupid, so we ignore those.

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@Example1013: Yeah that version looks cool!. You are right about it being lost to the ages, although i found a board game lovers website where there were some good photos posted so i nabbed those which should turn out to be good. In relation to the faction comment, there are 4 separate colours, 2 in the "evil" figures and two in the "good" figures. But me and my mates just play 4 free for all. (although inevitably one dude will get taken out by the rest).

Heres something i've wondered about which you might know, I'm not really a risk expert but I know that there are 2 ways of using the reinforcement cards. You can either all play the rules where each time a set gets cashed in the reinforcements received go up, or you can play the rules that state that a set of footmen = 6, set of horsemen = 8 etc. Which version do you think leads to a more competitive game? I've played both and the first just ends up stupid with 100+ reinforcements per turn and the entire game board changing colour, but the second version means the game is so much slower!

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@JBird: We like to use indefinite scaling because it really makes the game more interesting. Yeah it can secure victory for the guy in the lead, but it can just as easily bring up the guy from behind. Idk usually the game ends for us before the numbers get stupid because someone knocks another player out and trades in like 2 sets at once, or someone secures like 3 continents for a turn or something like that. I'd say one thing you can always do is either set a hard cap for what the maximum troop value of a trade-in is, and another option would be to like play with house rules and reduce the amount of troops on trade-in.

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So is the Trilogy Editions the one that's hard to find? I have it back at home actually, the one with the full map at least.

Got it as a Christmas present years ago from my aunt and had no idea it was anything special (besides being incredibly fun).

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@Darkstorn: Its relatively rare that's for sure. But its the expansion that's super rare. You'll still fetch around £100 for it though!