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Okay, first off, let me reassure people that this is not a virus but instead is a terribly written survey translated from Russian (apparently)

Second, I got Denmark.

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Guess I better play some more EVE.

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I didn't not get Sweden.

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I already know which countries I belong to.

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Another Swede here, apparently.

Back to the father land!

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Sweden. Sounds good I like Sweden.

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Bad English is bad.

Mine turned out to be Czech Republic. Which I have actually thought about moving to a few times.

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hehe i got norway:P and i am from norway

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@veektarius: I also got Denmark. I tried changing around my answers a bit but I also ended up with Denmark. I guess it is just meant to be.

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I got Sweden, because I think it just pegs you there if you're an atheist.

I don't understand the 'Confidence in...'. Is it confidence in my current X, or confidence in the necessity of X? Or is confidence just bad translation? Good government is good, bad government is bad. I have confidence that good government is possible, so is that a yes? I don't have confidence in my current government, is that a no?

'Child suffers if mother works'. Well, I believe children do better if they get one full-time parent, but it doesn't have to be the mother. I'm as progressive as all hell but I think 'homemaker' is absolutely a 'real' job. All the expectation of having both members of a household (assuming it's a couple) work is that wages are lower and the work-life balance is bent more towards work than ever before. It was 8 hours of outside-the-home-work for the breadwinner, 8 hours of inside-the-home-work for the homemaker, and then 8 hours of shared leisure time. Now to have the same life it's 8 hours outside-the-home-work for both, 4 hours of shared inside-the-home-work and 4 hours of shared leisure time. That's why government and business loves two-worker households. Government can't tax homemakers, they can tax the shit out of workers. Double the employment seekers means double the demand, means employers don't have to offer a wage that two people can live on.

Fix the work-life balance. Equality means that men don't have to get a paycheque and women don't have to take care of the home, not that both have to get paycheques and take care of the home in their precious free time.

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Denmark. What does this mean?

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@alexandersheen: I think it means that you are a secularist but aren't as socially progressive as someone "from" Sweden.

It would have been nice of them to explain, wouldn't it? At the very least, I'd have gotten kick out of the awful translation.

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