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Hello! Giant Bomb,

How are ya?

I am wounded to know that my beautiful is going to die. I was apart of the community for 9 years.

I guess in my life there is instantaneous change about to occur. I am not sure what to think.

I am saddened by leaving but I am looking forward to writing in the GiantBomb community.

Thank you all.

Hope you can tell me how things work round these parts.


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Welcome Duder or to say it with the wise words of Mr. Caravella "buckle up MF!" and enjoy your ride ;)

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Welcome! :)

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That's a car.

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Hello sir, despite what people might tell you being a dick is fine as long as you're creative with your dickishness. Few smart gents around from time to time; but mostly just random people who might randomly say something insightful (or the opposite of course).

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@vesper27: getting more and more people from 1up everyday it seems like. Welcome to the site duder! For starters you should read this

Over all enjoy the site and don't be a jerk. Good Luck, Have Batman.

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Hello! I don't really have any good advices for you, but be yourself and if you don't want your thread to turn into a battlefield, don't talk about sexism in the gaming industry. (Hopefully no one responds to that statement.)

And while your at it I highly recommend that you check out the Persona 4 Endurance Run:

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The best quick look from last year:

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This duder is a transformer

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The 1-up refugee flood continues. We welcome you freely, outlander!

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(welcome aboard! :) )

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Hello, and welcome dude!

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Welcome aboard.

As for how things work around here you can start by watching the Persona 4 endurance run. I'll see you in 3 days. (Is it longer than 72 hours? I don't remember)

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Welcome, dude!

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I find it really interesting how many 1UP dudes we're getting here, you're all very welcome. Welcome to the site and I'm looking forward to some good blogs and posts from you guys!

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@blu3v3nom07 said:

Welcome, dude!

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They should just have this video auto-play for all new users. It's a required experience. Also welcome.

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Welcome to GiantBomb!


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@cloudenvy said:

I find it really interesting how many 1UP dudes we're getting here, you're all very welcome. Welcome to the site and I'm looking forward to some good blogs and posts from you guys!

It's certainly a much better feeling being the lifeboat for them than being the "I got banned from X site so I'm here" penal colony equivalent we sometimes get.

Welcome duder.

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Welcome, Duder.

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gimme all the 1up refugees

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Hopefully he never posts again so he can retain 1 posts

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1UP has been dead since like 2008 in my opinion...

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Welcome! Since the Giant Bomb Know Your Meme doesn't appear to have made the site transition, it may be slightly annoying to catch up on what the fuck everyone's talking about. Hang around here for a while and you'll probably pick it up through osmosis anyway.

Also, don't be a dick and all that. Not like the rest of us, anyway.