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I personally think this is awesome. This guy is a programmer and he tampered with Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis. For his original video, he just replaced Sonic with Pikachu. For his latest video he even changed the opening theme. 
I think it's pretty cool. Wish I could do it. What do you think?
I was a huge Sonic fan back during the Sega Genesis era. Any other Sonic fans here?

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This man deserves a damn Nobel Prize.

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Not yet, for the sprite work seems lazy and inappropriate. Pikachu doesn't look like he fits in the world.
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Everyone knows that a Pikachu is faster than a Raichu... 
why does he look so fat though...lay off the pies pikachu!

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Is it bad that I can completely sing to the tune in the second video?

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Rings are rice balls... I mean, donuts! I mean, rice balls!
This mod would be a lot better if the only modification was Pikachu in place of Sonic, and the Pikachu sprites didn't look like ass.

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@Toxin066 said:
" This man deserves a damn Nobel Prize. "
i second this. just awesome. 
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So good. I love the sprint animation. Could use some more frames though, at least for the charged spin dash.

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that looks great.

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I seen that video last night on GoNintendo.  It looks awesome.

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That's pretty awesome, loving the 16 bit pokemon theme the most though.

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Wow, that's very good. I thought Pikachu, the Pokemon enemies and the opening theme were all very well-made.

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@AjayRaz said:
" @Toxin066 said:
" This man deserves a damn Nobel Prize. "
i second this. just awesome.  "
Yeah, that was really well done.
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Damn that theme music in the second video is spot on. Pretty cool.
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What! Nothing replaces the blue blur!

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Pikachu has some meat on him. He's looking a little big if you know what I mean...