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Not to spam these boards with trailer news, but I know there are several of you who'd be interested. I was tempted not to watch it, I try not to over indulge in trailers. I just couldn't help myself here.

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Here's a link to the original source, in case it's pulled from YouTube.

The Raid Redemption had some of the craziest fight sequences I've seen in a film, both in terms of the choreography and the direction. The Raid Berandal seems to be taking this to another level. Car chases, yo. Somebody could probably throw a "Sleeping Dogs: The Movie" title bill on there and I'd buy it.

The original trailer, if you haven't seen it.

Is this anybody else's most anticipated film of 2014?

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Oh maaaan yeeeeeesssss, the first Raid was so amazing and I'm glad it got enough love from everyone to warrant a sequel, and a sequel that looks just as bad ass as the first film. Super excited. I also thought the same thing about Sleeping Dog, I used to watch the first movie on my t.v. while I played Sleeping Dogs on my pc. the crazy action in both just fit so well. Can't wait for this one.

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So good!

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I am really excited for this one. This seems like it will have to be a much longer movie than the first though. And wow that ending was pretty funny.

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Now that's how you make a movie trailer.