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Posted by DriveupLife (1144 posts) 1 year, 11 months ago

Poll: A Wizard transports you to a magical world and grants you mastery over one of the elements, you choose... (206 votes)

Earth - Raise and lower ground, create bridges, summon boulders, turn yourself, object and other people into stone 9%
Wind - Fly, control the winds, move at high speed, move objects with the air around them 52%
Fire - Impervious to high temperatures, shoot flames and fireballs, burn objects at a distance 14%
Water - Underwater breathing, swim at high speed, ride waves, heal wounds, summon rain and storms 26%
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If I have control over the wind can I just say "Fuck you, no more air for you!"?

Would choose wind anyway, just because I could fly

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@canteu said:

@cloudenvy: Are they wearing clothes during this petrification process? If so, no deal sir!

And if you had power over earth, surely you could just sculpt sexy rock ladies without actually petrifying real ladies, real ladies I remind you, that an air adept is using for totally innocuous upskirts!

I'm guessing you'd have to turn them into rock, undo it to unclothe them and then turn them back again.

Obviously it's not as exciting if it isn't real ladies, a part of the appeal is knowing that you've trapped a completely innocent women in this stony hell and then carrying her back to your basement. Besides, why would I even care about how this impacts you filthy air adepts? Go dress men up in skirts and blow them upwards or something and leave me and my rock ladies alone!

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@cloudenvy: It's a kilt you fucker! I'll kill you! With...wind!

What the hell are you going to do with rock ladies anywa...nevermind, I think it's better I get back to my upskirts. No wonder air and earth are opposites, one wants innocent upskirts, the other is the devil.

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@canteu: Hey now, I chose fire Mr. judgemental! I'm just saying that I understand where earth adepts are coming from! Everyone enjoys a good rock lady, even me.

Now, I'll get back to innocently burning people alive and causing chaos around the world. Wind adepts aren't the only ones with innocent goals!

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Take water because healing wounds and underwater mobility scream survivalist and if you're walking around with superpowers, you're going to need to stay alive. I've read enough X-Men to know that the government will have it out for any individual who displays any kind of destructive or potentially lucrative superhuman powers.

Conventional weaponry and detection systems are much less effective underwater and stuff like subs and sonar are pretty limited against small, fast-moving targets, who, by the way, can control water.

Also lets say you can control water density. Peace, see you guys in the Mariana trench.

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wait wait wait

I think everyone (including me) missed the part where OP said that you were transported to "a magical world"

that kinda changes everything about this question.

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Ice Ice Baby!

Does water include ice powers because ice powers are awesome.

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Air is the most versatile. You can breathe underwater with it and create lightning out of static electricity in the air, in addition to what you listed

#61 Posted by living4theday258 (692 posts) -

hmm wind or fire...

yea wind

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I choose carbon.

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Fire, only because I want LIGHTNING powers!!

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Water. Cause healing. And underwater breathing.

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Earth, so I can't be buried alive.

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I choose Wind, but I'm taking the traditional view that Wind gets lightning as a bonus power, because that's what I really want.

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Definitely wind. Though if I was allowed to expand to other elements outside the classic four, I'd pick shadow/darkness.

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Fire. Lets burn a few cities down and hatch my taking over the world scheme.

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Is this more or less Bending from Avatar? For the sake of the argument, i choose Fire.

#71 Posted by supamon (1339 posts) -

Duh! Wind of course. I mean, have you seen Avatar: the last airbender? OP as shiiiiiiiiiit I tell ya!

I'm taking this poll as a choose your bending power poll btw. When the heck is season 2 of Korra coming?

#72 Posted by StarvingGamer (8976 posts) -

I hate the traditional quartet of elements. Makes no sense. Fire is not an element.

That said, Air because flying would be the most practical skill.

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Has someone picked boobs yet? If they did, how did it go over with the general thread community? Just curious.

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I feel like Earth would be the best one for taking over the world. Plus it would almost double as flying since you could presumably spring yourself into the air. Haven't seen Avatar yet though so maybe it actually sucks. I don't know why you'd turn yourself into stone though, how would you turn yourself back? Magic?

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Electricity so I could be all like Cole. Or heart.

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Dubnium. You know, the dubstep element.

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Heart, so that i can talk to a monkey and make people less... evil-ish... i think... i really don't understand how this power worked.

#79 Posted by Alekss (357 posts) -

No Ice?

#80 Posted by Fearbeard (863 posts) -

I'd definitely go Wind. Flying trumps pretty much all the other options.

#81 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

The Human Element.

That or Turbonium...

Loading Video...

#82 Posted by Killroycantkill (1555 posts) -

@sergio: Blood bending is the coolest, but it's instant "you're a monster" if someone sees you do it. And electricity bending is WAY to dangerous for me. Plus, in a more, I guess, modern world where most things are metal, I'd rather have the metal bending.

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Water, I would love to swim indefinitely underwater and ride the water surface like a speed boat.

#84 Posted by Reisz (1604 posts) -

Water, every time. Always keep hydrated and I could surf at high speed across the world and solve humanities drought problems. Everywhere on earth would have access to abundant clean water and by extension food crops and hygiene, I'd make sure of it.

Essentially I would be a benevolent god of water.

Good way to live.

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Fire, because Fireball is the bread and butter spell of any good wizard who hasn't put evocation as one of their forbidden schools. Man, now I really want to play Temple of Elemental Evil again.

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Water. I would like to be able to heal people.

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Earth has to be the most powerful right? The ability to manipulate the very planet we live on including other planets, not to mention being able to create massive fissure under the ocean causing catastrophic tsunamis, the possibilities just seem limitless.

Now if the power of fire included being able to feed off the energy from the sun, that would make it a strong contender.

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Gotta go Air. It is the perfect mix off the 3 things you'd look for. Practical and simple everyday uses to make life easy, cool showy looking stuff to impress others and lastly it still has awesome offensive super power capabilities that drive the 7 year old in all of us.

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Clicked air before I saw heal wounds for water...that then. Although I don't know why water would heal wounds.

Actually I don't see getting into fights much so probably air still, assuming by heal wounds you can't prolong your life/cure disease/symptoms of old age.

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All answers are irrelevant, since we're talking about a magical planet in the question. Maybe the planet's atmosphere is made out of candy, or fiberglass. Either would make any of these powers irrelevant, since you'd die within minutes of being transported there.

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Speaking of the Last Airbender, when's the Legend of Korra back on?

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@brodehouse said:

If you had the water element you could get girls off.

Yeah but with air you could get yourself off hands free. Anywhere. No one would be able to tell, except for your raging boner, but every guy learns to hide those.

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Do you know the name of the wind?