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So Lego stuff was/is more of a Tested.com (I'm sorry. Adam and Jamie's Tested.com) thing, but I think Giant Bomb can appreciate this as well.

  When I was young I always dreamed have having making ridiculous things like what's shown in the video above out of Lego or K'Nex or any other building toy. The most absurd thing I've ever built was a 9 foot tower using the majority of my Lego pieces. 
How about you guys? What's the most absurd/coolest thing you've ever made with a building toy?
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Man, I bloody love the light clicks and clacks that thing makes.

Also what the ffffffffffffffffffffffff!

All I used to build with my lego as a kid was the actual preset models =(

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That is insane! Lego is so great these days.

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I built a Lego box once....

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Holy nipples of Athena!!!

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Oh my god, that thing is so awesome!

It has been so long since I built something out of lego pieces, but I remember resorting to same mad idea of building a huge tower. I guess it was the same size as I was at that time, maybe 150 cm or less.

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That is in-fucking-sane.

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That guy will build sky net.

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I looooove them balls.

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Someone has some free time.

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Did they catch the mouse?

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Wait, I've seen this exact thing like 3-4 years ago. Is this just an updated version of this dude's track or something?

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He won the internet

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For best results, mute the first video and play this one in the background. If the two are started at the right times relative to each other, it synchs up surprisingly well for the most part.

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That impressive, that video reminded me of this song. It sounds familiar because it was used in assembly line or factory scenes in Warner Brothers cartoons.

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Dude needs a job.

...who the fuck am I kidding, if I had unlimited money and free time I'd do the same useless shit!