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Actor and producer James Gandolfini has passed away suddenly of a suspected heart attack while on vacation in Italy. He was 51.

Gandolfini will be best remembered for his role as Tony Soprano on the hit HBO series The Sopranos.

Gandolfini is survived by his wife and son.

IGN: Actor James Gandolfini Dead at 51

I liked the Sopranos alot. I loved the last two seasons, and that season finale was wonderful. He's the guy that played Tony Soprano, if you might not know. RIP

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This is a major fucking bummer. RIP dude

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Holy shit, man...The guy was a tremendous actor. A sad loss, indeed. Rest in Peace.

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Someone's dead, but all I can think of is the OP's use of "alot".

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FUCK. God damn. I watched Sopranos not too long ago so this feels just wrong. WRONG.

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Damn, so young too.

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Fuck man :( R.I.P

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holy shit

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Damn so that fade to black will never get answered? RIP dude.

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Damn so that fade to black will never get answered? RIP dude.

Will Sasso will take over when needed.

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This is terrible. 51 is too young, RIP boss.

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Heart attack at 51? Jesus I better hit the gym

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I honestly have no other thoughts about this. I really liked James and thought he was an absolutely unbelievable actor. This is a fucking crying shame. I mean he will live on in one of the greatest television shows of all time, but he really did have more to offer I feel. Obesity is a motherfucker.

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Damn easily my favourite character on TV.

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How can motherfuckers think of DRM at a time like this? :(

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@tycobb said:

@i_stay_puft said:

Damn so that fade to black will never get answered? RIP dude.

Will Sasso will take over when needed.

Sasso has the look, Koch has the voice. Close your eyes and listen to it, it's almost identical.

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Taken from us too early, Fantastic actor

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This fucking blows. Great actor ;/ RIP.

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Just started another thread - cos I didn't look outside Off-Topic - silly me. May as well shove in what I put there.

A real shame, he was absolutely fantastic as Tony Soprano in one of my favourite shows ever and I was looking forward to continuing enjoying his work. Saw Killing Them Softly recently and thought he was great - putting a really seedy, miserable spin on the character he was best known for. Don't have any idea what he was like in real life but will miss his big, hulking presence in movies and TV.

Also was he in any computer games - can't find him on the database?

EDIT: Ah - he was in The Sopranos: Road to Respect - makes sense I suppose :) Completely forgot about that game

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Only 51! you're not even supposed to get your heart checked regularly until 55.Too young. It's a shame I hear he was a really nice guy. RIP

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@leebmx: I think they did have a PS2 game, in fact. It might have even got released on PC.. Yea.. Never played it then, either..

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Fun story about a couple of years ago; I might have even read it on IGN: He was doing theater for a bit after the season finale. Someone wanted his autograph, or just talk to him about him or whatever. So the guy sneaked backstage, and found James. James got all fucking mad, carried the over to the stage by his shirt and collar, and threw him off-stage 'Fresh Prince,' style. Security got to the guy soon enough. Fucking swearing I'm sure.

I would have to go find the article, but ah..

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Damn, really great actor. Thanks for the Sopranos and all the other great works Mr. Gondolfini.

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The first time I saw Gandolfini was a brief and very memorable scene he did in "True Romance." I'm glad he found big-time success, even if it was later in his career. By all accounts he was a soft-spoken, nice guy. RIP Mr. G..

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It really is such a shame this happened. I never watched The Sopranos, but I do really love his role in True Romance. RIP

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Dam. Loved him in Sopranos. He was a great actor.

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I never watched The Sopranos but I liked him in In the Loop.

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I really need to get the box set of the Sopranos. RIP.

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What a gigantic bummer. Sopranos was flashing in front of my eyes when I read this, truly sad. All the best to his family.

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RIP. Loved watching The Sopranos and in particular Gandolfini portraying Tony Soprano.

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A crying shame. Heart attack in Italy, man I hope he had a good couple of nights before he went out. I feel for his family, that's the worst, my thoughts go out to all of them.

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@reisz: uhg all i see is a horrible pun

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Damn, poor bastard. Didn't realize he was only 51, guess heavyset actors are like football players in terms of lifespans; he's great in a lot of things, not just the Sopranos. See for example: True Romance.

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That blows, was such a great actor. RIP

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Also known as the good part of The Mexican. RIP :(

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Gah, that's a huge bummer. Dude was a great actor.

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@envane said:

@reisz: uhg all i see is a horrible pun

Then you're seeing something that isn't there. He was in a beautiful city for a film festival when he passed. Since he was away from his family I just hope his last days were filled with joy. Nothing more.

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He's the boss man. I don't think anyone can pull off what he did in Sopranos. He made the character iconic almost like Marlon Brando. RIP.

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This is the worst news in a while.

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@reisz: just the heart goes out bit seemed a bit on the nose to me, not saying you intended it at all .. :/ i agree otherwise

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@envane: Shit I didn't even think of that, don't know how I missed it, that could skew as properly insensitive. I chose to change it, thanks.