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Even if he did, that wouldn't make him shoot people. However, if he did, that gives violent video games even more of a bad name. I think people just assume he played violent video games. Did he?

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Who is Adam Lanza?


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no. he played farmville

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@SoothsayerGB: Adam Lanza was the Sandy Hook shooter.

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The people who blame things like video games for tragedies don't really believe what they are saying (most of the time). They are simply looking for something, anything, to make said tragedy make the slightest bit of sense. Someone killing people for no reason is a terrifying thought, but if you can apply some sort of logic to it, you can make it a known factor. For a lot of people, violent video games are the easiest answer.

These people don't really understand video games, and it doesn't help the news and government has spent so much time talking about the "horrors" of violent video games. Unfortunately, a lot of people are being led to believe violent video games are as bad as taking drugs (just look at the amount of times we get people believing violent video games should be censored in the same way as porn).

I wouldn't worry too much about it though: if video games were going to get taken down by something like this, it would have happened a long time ago. The same thing happened with movies, and the same thing will happen with whatever comes after video games. The world will always be filled with ignorant people.

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It seems you've decided already. I don't want to talk about this anymore either. There's about 700 things to say in response to Sandy Hook. None of them are about Lanza or games.

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Obviously he was fucked up in the head. Is there really any more explanation needed than that?

I remember seeing somewhere that he "liked" the Mass Effect 3 Facebook page. I don't know if that is accurate information or not (who the fuck knows with the media these days...), but that was a story at some point, and I'm pretty sure that's what started the whole anti-movies/video games thing up again.

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