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Duders, I require your assistance. I've been trying to edit some vidjas in Premiere for a few hours now and they turn out really weird. The source video is 1680x1050 and I want to encode it with H.264 with the Youtube Widescreen HD, but I quickly noticed that I would have to make custom export settings. When I finish rendering the video is vertically letterboxed. I've tried everything I can think of to fix this. I've made custom presets for the sequence and I've adjusted everything manually before rendering and I've made sure I have Square Pixel selected and all that jazz. But no matter what I try I can't make it output in 16:10. Have anyone had any smiliar problems in the past? Whenever I try to find anything through Google there's just a bunch of advice on how to add letterboxing.

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Well naturally it would have the window boxing because you're exporting for YouTube which only supports 16:9 as far as widescreen goes. Also HD as a standard uses 16:9, not 16:10. I've never seen anyone even use that aspect ratio for video before, what was your camera?

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I totally messed up what I was saying. I meant that it is 16:10 but I want it to be 16:9. I'm using FRAPS footage.

Edit: What I meant to say was, I can't make it output to 16:9 without the letterboxing. In the past I have used VirtualDubMod and Sony Vegas and I've never had a letterboxing issue.

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You will end up cropping pixels or need to letterbox to maintain a 16:9 ratio as your resolution is not native 16:9. There is no way to squeeze that amount of pixels into a 16:9 frame without doing such. Sorry I am an an AVID Media Composer editor and haven't touched Premiere since version 5 (prior it to turning into Premiere Pro, ~2003ish)