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I don't know much about internet and I have no idea what is called, or if there's a name about this. I am a noob when it comes to this stuff. Everytime I do a little more research on google about something, once I am done and start surfing around, it happens that I get ads with the subject I was checking before. For example, I was reading about trading markets, then suddenly appeared different ads on websites about trading systems, which it never happened before, because I recently started to read about that. Yesterday I searched motocross and it's happening again.

the add with the motocross in the right. It's not a coincidence, if there's someone who did not observed that before, do a test for a few days. I can update everyday screenshots if it's necessary. And I am curious how this works, because it's quite interesting. So, who knows ?

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It's called "a reason to get AdBlock".

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Welcome to the age of the all-knowing Google.

Short version: You search "motocross" Google stores your ip, computer address and the term 'motocross'. Next time you visit a random site. Google loads in ads that have to do with 'motocross'.

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Get adblock and always leave it on.

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It's targeted marketing. Google knows the terms that you've been searching for, and Google Adsense serves ads based on this activity.

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@nictel: Another step out of my cave.

Thanks for the answers. Maybe I will install the adblock, last time when I tried, my laptop was too fucked up and it didn't worked.

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@CommanderGarrus: Best thing is having a Google account: I had a girl friend looking at dresses on one of my computers and behold, dresses on my laptop, desktop and mobile!

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I personally like targeted ads. At the start of the year I wanted to switch banks and buy a car. I got lots of bank ads and car ads. It beats getting ads for something I'd never want, like cleaning supplies.

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When you get a google acount you can actually say which kind of ads you want to see (but only works with google ad sense ads) or which not.

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It's called "Big Brother". Get used to it.

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@mosespippy: It's a tease for me, seeing motocross on random websites now.