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My PS3 controllers have crapped out. Although playable, they have a variety of over sensitive buttons and often ruin gaming experiences. One performs uncontrollable combinations of D-dad movements with similar spastic L1 and R1 inputs. The other one confuses L3 with with a combination of R1 & R2. Needless to say I died a few more times than I would have liked in Borderlands 2 this weekend. And yeah, there may have been a small temper tantrum in there at some point, a little throwing of couch pillows & such. Anyways what's the best way to handle this situation?

Drop $ on a brand new controller? Try and trade in the two controllers to absorb some of the cost? (is that even possible?) Get an non brand PS controller? Any advice would be much mucho appreciated. Maybe in throw me a straight up link and be like "buy this one." You could also let me know how to repair the ones I have? Or give wildly inappropriate suggestions of how to dispose of these electronic assholes.

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Drop the coin on OEM gear.

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Most places will have the standard ps3 controller for roughly the same price. I've found in the past that if you don't care about the wireless feature that the generic branded ps3 controllers at gamestop aren't bad & little bit cheaper so you could go in there to get a few other things too with the same amount of money as getting the wireless controller.