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So I need some advice and this is pretty much one of only 2 communities that I am involved in. Everyone here seems alright for the most part so I thought I would drop this here and see what happens.

I do a podcast for a internet radio network. I won't mention the name because when I mention the name on forums (never this one) people automatically assume I am shilling and either ignore it or report it. We are a 24/7 wrestling network to give some perspective. We do 7 shows, 5 live and 2 taped and have them in circulation when there is no live show on. We are on Tune-in in addition to our own site, have an android app and an iTunes app is in the works. None of us make money or get paid for this, it is strictly, for now, because we have fun doing it.

Now that that is out of the way, we have one problem. We have an ok community size wise, but we seem stuck in a rut where the people who know us are pretty die-hard, listening to or downloading every show, but we can't seem to attract many new listeners. We are in the process of buying some sponsored posts for our fan page on Facebook, but when it comes to twitter and such, we are just lost. Note that most of us are used to things like forums and such. We are mostly in our early 30's with full time jobs and just don't, well, get how to use social networking to our advantage. Forums seem out because if we even mention an outside website we are usually moderated. So that leaves us with Facebook and twitter, which we don't seem to have a grasp on how to use that to our advantage. So I suppose I am here fishing for tips from anyone who has had success in this area. We have a little money to play with, but not a huge amount so keep that in mind.