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Poll: AFL Grand Final 2013, who will win? (12 votes)

Fremantle 33%
Hawthorn 50%
Draw 17%

For those of you who don't know, Australia's biggest game is having its grand final today and two teams are playing - Fremantle and Hawthorn.

So Australians and other people who are into the sports, who do you think will win today?

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I know little about Aussie Rules, I know to root for the draw to get another game next week.

I guess I'm rooting for Fremantle? I was rooting for Carlton on the hilarious basis that the 9th best team in an 8 team playoff could win.

EDIT: Judging by this pregame show I'm rooting for whoever kicks a ball at Birds of Tokyo

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@gorillamopena: It would've been amazing if Carlton won (Of course I'm biased because I'm a Carlton supporter :P)

I really hope Fremantle win now though, I just don't like Hawthorn.

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I'm completely divided: I'm fond of the Hawks, but I also have to recognise that Fremantle are playing a brand of football that I haven't quite seen the likes of. It all depends on the fitness of Fremantle. If they can keep Hawthorne to a goalless quarter like they did to Sydney last week, then they'll be a force to be reckoned with.

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I reckon China will win because they are really good at ping pong ;)

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This Fremantle pick seems like a grave mistake so far

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@gorillamopena: Yeah they aren't playing too well. :(

It's their first ever game in the Grand Final, while Hawthorn has been in a lot of final games the past couple of years. I think Fremantle are just getting too nervous.

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Now a real game has broken out

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Well that settles it, Hawthorn are the 2013 premiers. What a shame, really wanted Fremantle to win their first final.

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Ah well, at least it got kind of interesting towards the end. I had it on in the background while I was catching up on this weeks quick looks. Time to go back to GTA V.

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Freo blew it. Ballantyne was pathetic.