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With most of the show starting this past week what show are better than expected worse?

I was hoping Elementary would be better but just to hectic.

I am okay with Go On, but not impressed with Last Resort.

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If these are the shows represent what the vast majority of Americans find entertaining, I want to move.

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I have mostly seen the new sitcoms.. I'm in canada though and I'm not if they are the same for the US.. Men at work is pretty good..Sullivan & Son needs to go.

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all ive watched so far is the office.kinda sad itll be the last season.i hope steve carrel comes back.

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Only time I watch TV is for Dexter, Breaking Bad and hockey. Looking like I'll just be watching Dexter for a while.

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I'll let you know when American Horror Story comes back.Until then I'm not really watching much.

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Well Dexter blew my mind, fuck that was a good episode. Liking How I met Your mother too. Need a new show to get into as well, so I'll have to fine one.

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@laserbolts said:

Only time I watch TV is for Dexter, Breaking Bad and hockey. Looking like I'll just be watching Dexter for a while.

funny how that works.

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I've just been watching Doctor Who. It has been alright. I enjoy portions of the episodes but not others. They're going to be new companions though after the break, so that'll probably liven things up. Game of Thrones doesn't start again until March but Walking Dead starts again in a few weeks, so I'm looking forward to that. Other than that I'm looking for a new show. I might get back into Treme, I think that started again.

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Supernatural tomorrow i think, gonna be good!

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Shinsekai Yori seems rad and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun seems like a feel-good romcom I can totally get behind. Can't wait for the other shows to start, most of which do so this week.

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@jamesisaacs said:

Supernatural tomorrow i think, gonna be good!

I can't believe how long that show's been running. I could have sworn the last 3 seasons were going to be the last one. But they keep coming back. Supernatural must be one of my favorite shows of all time though. Up there with Firefly, Buffy and Angel.

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@IzzyGraze said:

I've just been watching Doctor Who.

Same here!

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Dexter was amazing. I've been waiting for that moment for 7 years. Homeland was good, soft start but glad she's back in the game. Fringe was alright, Still a little off-put by Henryetta's face for some reason, and I miss the duality it used to have. I liked Last Resort, but I hope they focus more on the land based politics of the war and the effects the Captains speech had then just live under da sea.

Haven and Alpha's are my dirty little sci-fi pleasures, and it seems Revolution is gonna add to that.

NCIS, Castle, The Mentalist, Bones and Law and Order are my crime based ones, and Vegas seems to be capable as another. Elementary too, but not sure how ling that will last, didn't seem that great.

Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, The Office, Parks and Recreation and How I Met Your Mother have been, and seem to remain good little distractions for when you're cooking supper and eating it.

Go On, The Mob Doctor, Partners, Animal Practice and The Neighbors were all complete shit. I'll watch the premier of Arrow too, but I'm gonna guess It will go here too.

And of course, I'm highly looking forward to The Walking Dead in two weeks.

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All the names behind the scenes and the cast should make Revolution one of the best shows of the year, but it's just dull and mediocre.

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Sons of Anarchy is off to a good start.

Fringe wasn't that great, but I'm sure things will speed up.

I'm still on the fence about Perception.

Last Resort was incredibly cheesy.

I haven't watched Dexter yet.

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Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead are great shows and I enjoy watching each of those, but as for the new shows they just seem to keep missing the boat. I tried to watch Revolution and just got bored during it. Found myself wishing I was watching something else like Castle.

One of my past favorites is Firefly and I enjoy watching a good sci-fi but due to cost of production most of the sci-fi shows have ceased to exist. I wish reality TV would crash and burn so writers and actors/actress could get jobs again. Do we need more singing shows or survival voting off shows?