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So for those who don't know there is an Alan Partridge movie coming out this year in August, co-starring Chief O'Brien. I'm curious as to see if Alan Partridge can remain funny for at least 90 minutes (though to be fair Steve Coogan is a genius.) For those curious here is the trailer.

Are there any Alan Partridge fans out there on Giant Bomb? If not go start with Knowing me Knowing you with Alan Partridge and continue from there.

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Oh, butter my arse!

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Never seen it before but I like Steve Coogan. Also Chap of Steel is hilarious.

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Jackanackanory! I'm looking forward to this, despite the fact that this sort of comedy often doesn't translate well to feature length films. I was interested to see Sean Pertwee (Father from Equilibrium) is involved also.

Any fan of Alan looking to bridge the gap between now and the movie should check out the 'I, Partridge' book. Specifically, the audiobook which is read out by Steve Coogan in character. It's gold from start to finish, possibly the best Partridge material to date.

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I too was going to post an amusing Alan Partridge video but I got lost in a YouTube vortex, some classic British comedy.

I'm excited for this Alan Partridge film, apparently several I'm Alan Partridge characters are coming back.