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Inspired by this thread: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/kraznor/blog/films-endorsed-by-staff-members-of-giantbomb/32671/

I know as far as songs go, hey, just look up their Spotify playlists, but those are composed of many one hit wonders and ironically bad songs not meant to be listened to other than to troll.

What artists or albums have they recommended before? And can anyone remind me of the name of the group that got a big segment on the bombcast back in winter 2011, who distributed tracks via dial up/fax pulse codes?!

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The Beastie Boys!!!!!!!!! (maybe not the answer to your question)

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you can go find Jeff's last.fm if you want. Ryan has a Spotify account I think? Patrick said something about liking Pinkerton right? that's all I've got

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They love Kanye West. Ryan once made a reference to Grizzly Bear. He once had a Das Racist song as a ringtone in the background of a bombcast.

They like a lot of 80s and 90s rap like Ice Cube, N.W.A, Public Enemy and The Wu-Tang Clan

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Jeff probably enjoys an Ice Cube song here and there.

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i know jeff likes metric, and patrick likes passion pit. does anyone know their spotify accounts? i'd be curious to creep on what they're jammin to.

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Shocked to see Jeff has been listening to Kitty Pryde recently, and at the same time not shocked at all.

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@humanity said:

Shocked to see Jeff has been listening to Kitty Pryde recently, and at the same time not shocked at all.

haha- well put. given that he's also been checking out riff-raff and reppin kreayshawn- it makes sense.

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@mellotronrules: While Kitty Pryde I can sorta get behind although I wish her songs had a little less repetition and a little less.. internet.. I absolute abhor both Riff Raff and Kreayshawn apart from that one Riff Raff song that he did with Kitty Pryde which has a really great beat - but his part is just gibberish.

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Alex has posted blogs of music he likes (some yearly thing), he's down with many different types as I recall

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Probably The Chronic. Jeff mentioned that one not too long ago.

I mean i don't listen to rap or hip-hop and i know what The Chronic is.