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Many of us on the forums are of legal drinking age. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? 
Mine is Magners. I love a good alcoholic cider.
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I like a good rum and coke.

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Hendrick's gin and tonic. I also like a lot of bourbons, and a great many beers.

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Beer. Rum and coke goes down nice as well

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Mmmm. Depends on the situation. Usually rum and coke. If I'm out dancing or something a vodka and redbull is usually my drink though. And I've only had it once but Dr Pepper and Goldschlager is effin amazing.

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I've been on a Real IPA kick. My favorite right is Harpoon IPA

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Whiskey, Jameson usually if i am going straight or Jack if mixed.
Beer various it comes down to my mood.

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Liquor: Crown Royal and Ginger Ale [OR a White Russian ofcourse]
Beer: Newcastle or Blue Moon

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Jim Beam or Southern Comfort with coke was my choice before I turned off drinking.

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liquor: Tequila or jagermeister 
Beer: corona

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Wine, rose or red preferably.

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Any bourbon and coke, rum and coke scotch and coke whatever with coke I'm in. Most vodka = no, wines/beers = no, and tequilla after a few rounds of whatever and coke = hell yeah!!! 
Then wake up the next morning and feel like shit, damn coke....
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I'm still in school, and I don't drink beer or anything, but one time my friend (who is basically Russian) brought to school this russian soda that was made out of fermented bread I think and had some alcohol in it as a result. Pretty good stuff, and it was funny that he was giving it to teachers too.

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White wine ,  Champagne and there was a cherry beer from I think Denmark or Dutchland ( or somewhere in Europe ) which tasted awesome and not bitter like regular beer

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Chilled Champagne, Cognac in a snifter, beers or a nice bottle of red.

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Top shelf bloody mary. Nothing is better if I want to spend the money.  Usually I drink cheap beer.  When I used to go out, I'd drink Jack and Coke a lot.

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I like to order a Bodingdon's when Im feeling fancy and dapper. And an AMF when Im feeling like a whore. That's a blue motorcycle for east coasters. That's just Rhode Island Iced Tea with an extra shot and some blue shit for people who don't drink. Everything has like 3 names.

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A shot of Whiskey or a nice glass of Tetley's.

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@ryanwho said:

"  That's just Rhode Island Iced Tea with an extra shot and some blue shit for people who don't drink. Everything has like 3 names. "

Never heard of that.  I even googled it, and Long Island came up.  You mean Long Island iced tea?
Edit: Oh, now I see it.  Never had that.
Edit again:  After looking through the link, it seems it's a Long Island (as if that has one recipe anyway) with somebody who had it linked through a forum concerning Rhode Island.
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White Russian when I've got the money, or a gin martini (two olives, dirty) when times are good. When I got to a bar it's generally a gin and tonic.

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@Undeadpool: You a fan of Tom Collinses?
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Gin and Tonic with a lime if we're talking hard liquor, but I will always take a beer over anything else.

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Vodka+Red Bull when partying... 
Beer when chilling whith friends in a or pub or something... A german Pilsner, Guinness or Kilkenny 
Jägermeister is the devil. 
I totally hate it but end up drinking it anyway waaaaay too often and the next morning I want to die.

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Beer, normally. Specifically a Stella Artois. Dark beer's alright. 
Hard liquor (a.k.a. I want something to get me drunk), I'm good with some sort of Bacardi or Vodka mix. I force myself to drink Jack & Coke but it hasn't worked all that well for me lately.

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@Doctorchimp said:

" liquor: Tequila or jagermeister    

 Beer: corona "

That's a pretty good answer, so it's going to be mine too. 
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Depends on the intention. If I'm there to have a good time without getting too crazy, wine will do (or champagne, if the occasion calls for it). If it's the crazy I'm going for, vodka shots all the way. Don't wanna seem like a fruitcake or anything, but I really dig the flavored vodka - Absolut Mandarin/Orange is crazay.

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@Bloviator: I've never really had one, now that you mention it, so I guess I can't say one way or the other.
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@GlenTennis said:
" I like a good rum and coke. "
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Bourbon and Cola, preferably Jim Beam, but Jack Daniels is nice (yeah it's whiskey, but still)

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Beer, favourite maker is Monteith's, quite keen on this Celtic Red that I have in the fridge at the moment. Their Pilsner and Radler are also nice.

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Gin and tonic. Or gin and ginger ale. Pretty much anything with gin. There's nothing more manly than an alcoholic drink that smells like a pine tree. 
I also love regular ol' beer with tomato juice mixed in. 

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Beer: Corona 
All white wines. 
Scottish Whiskey is also nice. But that's it.

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A glass of scotch by the fire in nothing but a silk robe

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Bourbon is nice, preferably Jim Beam. 
or when I'm out with friends and we want to get the job done, a shot of liquid cocaine (not actual cocaine before I get flagged).

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Colt 45 gets me drunk.

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Smirnoff Ice. I'm not a huge drinker. 

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Disaronno (Amaretto) & Coke

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- When I'm stressed out and having a hard day: a Glenlivet neat.
- When doing pre-flights before heading out with friends: Below 21 vodka shots with diet cranberry juice chaser. I used to do Cap and Coke, but I get a nasty headache the next morning thanks to that nice sugar crash.

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Beer, champagne, and wine.

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I have a couple secret concoctions I'm not looking to give up. 
However, if I'm out somewhere, then usually either a Malibu & Root beer or regular rum & coke
I don't do beer.

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I'll drink just about any wheat beer that is put in front of me. For hard stuff, I like SoCo (preferably 100). I have also been drinking some hard cider that I brewed that seems to alcoholic as hell. I forgot to get the specific gravity when I started the batch, so I don't know how much alcohol is actually in it. One bottle gets me buzzing on a full stomach, though. 
I forgot to mention a drink my friends came up with in college called the River Bomb (developed on a rafting trip). Basically, when money is low, get some PBR and super cheap vodka (Gilby's was used originally). Open the PBR, take a big drink out of it, and fill the gap with the vodka. Very rough taste, but it will get you there pretty quickly.

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I love Vodka. My favorite is Absolute, I think the kind I enjoyed is Wild Berry (I just know the bottle is purdy to stare at) and Pear comes in at a second. I usually just take shots of it and I'll have some soda or juice on the side if I need it. Rum is something I end up having at a  lot of parties, it seems like its the number one hard alcohol at parties here.

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Liquor: Manhattans and vodka coliins are delicious. 
Beer: Being from Colorado I have quite a few favorites but Fat Tire seems to be my consistent go-to. Four Loko is/was great too, my wife and I would split one and be good for the evening.

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It's all about beer. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Stella Artois, or something Belgian in a big bottle. Also can't beat a good local micro-brew.  Throw in some bourbon like Blanton's or Bulleit and it'll make my night perfect.

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Beer mostly, but I do enjoy the occasional white russian.

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On any occasion, I could imbibe an Asahi - Super Dry; other than that, brandy, or wine.