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And he wasnt even mixing he was just hitting play because at one point he didn't time his switch to another song correctly and it sounded really sloppy. Everyone in the crowd noticed and he started doing this weird embarrassed dance with his arms. To his fake credit the songs were good. Please discuss dreams that included members of GiantBomb :)?

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I dreamt that me and Geoff were Wresting in Luchadeer MASK

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Did Alex have his creepy raper smile?

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We've all been there.

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He was laid on a table being spanked by Jeff Gerstmann in my dream...

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Que the long stored up piles of fan fictions.

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Thats fuckin funny how in your dreamworld of infinite possibilities and scenarios your mind could create that Alex Navarro was stuck as a shitty dj

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Alex can't even dream-DJ well? FFS, Alex.

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Was he secretly a woman?

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What was he playing? Acid house?

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In my dreams, Alex just looks like this...


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Where was this? At a club, in your house, at a festival? Details, details, details.

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I dreamt about this.

Ryan sat at his desk in the little Sausalito offices. The glow of the monitor illuminated his face as he searched the internet for the latest in sports drink technology. He wasn’t particularly excited at the moment just content to be working at a place with good people and good friends. He yawned gently as he struggled to find anything interesting.

Jeff sat next to him in his Herman Miller Aeron Chair. He thought it was comfortable but was really happy with the clean design. At this moment a sudden pang of hunger struck him. He looked around the room.

“We really need a refrigerator down here, yo!” he said in his half mocking, half revering tone. “I’m like starving, dawg!”

“Do you want to just order some pizza or something?” Ryan asked knowing what the answer would be.

“Nah, man we had pizza yesterday. What about that In & Out Burger? You know they got some tasty burgers.”

“Yeah… but I’m not really in the mood for burgers either.”

“Geez, I’m just starving though!” Jeff blurted.

Ryan stared at Jeff. He didn’t know how to sate his friend’s hunger. They’d have these discussions every day and his friend’s picky eating habits were starting to get on his nerves. He decided that he would have to do something a little more forward in order to get the situation under control.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. The dark was soothing and seemingly cooled his warm body. In a calm voice he spoke clearly, “Jeff, if you want something to eat. Eat me.”

“Ha! Dude, no seriously, I’m hungry!” Jeff responded.

With his eyes still closed and breathing slowly Ryan raised his voice slightly, “Jeff I don’t want to hear you talking about food anymore. Just eat me. Just fucking eat me.” He drew a large serrated knife from his desk drawer. The long leather wrapped handle was heavy but the balance of the knife was perfectly centered on its hilt.

“Dude! What are you do…”

Before Jeff could finish Ryan plunged the knife with both hands into his abdomen. The sound was dull and moist. Ryan could hear this sickening thud even before he felt the pain. It shot from the wound towards his back and then into his neck. It was excruciating. Warm blood poured down his shirt and dribbled onto the floor. He struggled with the knife to open the wound.

Jeff was stunned. His eyes were impossibly wide and he was listening to the blood pour out of Ryan’s abdomen.

With the knife firmly in his belly he moved both his hands into a palm upward grasp and started sawing the teeth of the blade into his flesh. It was not a smooth motion. The ragged knife cut and tore his fat and the blood was freely flowing onto his hands and pooling onto the carpet.

As Ryan opened the wound up Jeff watched as the yellowish glistening pieces of fat fell to the floor. The rapid pulling thrusts of the knife in flesh sounded like someone was slowly beating an egg. The smell of exposed fat was like that of a freshly opened jar of mayonnaise. When Ryan had torn through about half a foot of his own body he let go of the knife and left it sticking in the bottom of the open wound.

At this point the odor hit Jeff and he realized that Ryan had been screaming. It was a low bellowing noise interrupted with gurgling gasps and brief cries.

Ryan then grasped the edges of his exposed innards and dug his fingers into the subcutaneous fat. He started to pull himself open. His own flesh was warm and slick so he had to bury his hands deeper to get a better hold.

As Ryan tore frantically tore into his own body Jeff could now see the red ragged fibers of muscle as Ryan’s fingers ripped into them. They twitched in concert with Ryans screams and sickened him.

He had opened a hole in his belly enough to expose his abdominal muscles and the fascia intertwined in them. His fingers couldn’t pierce through this barrier though. He pulled the knife that was already buried above his groin and started to saw through the muscle. Because of the large serrations of the knife he had to tug violently to rip through the fascia.

Jeff watched in silence, not realizing that he had held his breath throughout the entire ordeal. Then an even more horrifying vision befell him. Ryan had stopped making human screaming noises and was now just grunting between frantic knife jabs but through the blood and torn flesh Jeff could clearly see loops of bowel starting protrude out of his friend.

Ryan fell to his knees and the sudden impact caused his intestines to pour through the wound. He hadn’t stopped tearing with the knife and pierced through the walls of his small bowel. The spasms of his intestines caused fluid stool to mix with the blood pouring out of Ryan and it smelled like a freshly butchered deer.

The smell was so strong that Jeff’s stomach cramped and he too fell to the floor in front of his eviscerated friend.

At this Ryan whimpered in weakened, breathless gasps but not stopping his disembowelment, “Fucking eat me, dude. Eat that shit.”

Jeff, dazed with horror, grabbed one of Ryan’s torn bowel loops. It convulsed to his touch and was slippery to hold. As he held Ryan’s intestines he could feel the powerful contractions go from one side of his hand to another. He was shocked at this and almost dropped it. The mix of fecal fluids and blood ran down his arms in pulpy threads.

Ryan stared at Jeff. The on noise coming from Ryan’s mouth now was of an impossibly long and low gutteral exhalation. Jeff tugged on Ryan’s bowels in order to further free them.

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What would Alex's DJ name be?

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What would Alex's DJ name be?

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"he wasn't even mixing he was just hitting play" well of course, or else he wouldn't be a DJ.
Unless your dream took place back in the late 80s early 90s.