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I'm a big motorsport fan; and I was overjoyed to hear that @drewbert and Danny O'Dwyer were going to be doing an F1 podcast ("Alt+F1").

I run a Fantasy F1 competition for my work colleagues, Silverstone Racing Club members (of which; I am one) and (newly this year) the professors & students of the Silverstone UTC (University Technical College).

I have now added an "Alt+F1" competition to this list; for any duders out there that want to play.

Web page: http://www.grandprixfantasy.com/2014/giant-bomb-alt-f1

Entry form: http://www.grandprixfantasy.com/entryform/2014/giant-bomb-alt-f1

Invite code: duder

Entries have to be in before the start of Free Practice 1 in Australia. That's 01:30GMT Friday 14th March.

I Hope this is okay?!

Thanks and good luck!


#2 Posted by MattyFTM (14363 posts) -

That's pretty cool. I'll give it a shot, although my F1 knowledge is a little rusty since I started working Sundays and can almost never watch the races live.

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How does fantasy F1 work? I'm only familiar with fantasy football (american) and that makes sense to me.

#4 Posted by deltaalphabravo (142 posts) -

@nightriff: Rules vary depending were you play. But with our competitions: You pick two drivers and two teams. They earn points depending where they finish. There's extra points for Pole position and the fastest lap. There's also bonus points for having a race finishing position higher than your qualifying position.

You can see a full list of our rules here: http://www.grandprixfantasy.com/rules/2014/giant-bomb-alt-f1

Hope this helps.

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@deltaalphabravo: Thanks, that's how I thought it would work but just out of curiosity I wanted to make cure. Thanks again.

#6 Posted by slndr (63 posts) -

Had to make some tough choices but I feel alright with my selections. Thanks for setting up the special pool just for the bomb squad. Good luck to everyone.

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Oh yeah: I also forgot to mention that entries have to be in before the start of Free Practice 1 in Australia. That's 01:30GMT Friday 14th March (05days 14hrs 13mins from now).

Edit: I've subsequently added this fact to the initial post.

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Wow, thank you! This will be alot of fun.

For those of you catching up with F1. The new regulations have flipped the teams on their back. Watch out for those insainly high Lotus and Red Bull prices. I woudn't expect them up their this season.

Quick question - Am I alowed to invite som none Giant Bomb-members?

#9 Posted by deltaalphabravo (142 posts) -

Firstly; you're welcome. Secondly; I formulate the prices based on the constructors performance during the preceding season. So as Red Bull & Lotus done well (very well in Red Bull's case) last season; they cost more in this year.

I have no problem with who plays; but I can't speak for everyone. However I will make these points: 1) There's a "World Open" competition for everyone 2) I can't stop or police people inviting others even if I wanted to. :P

#10 Posted by Fruitcocoa (483 posts) -

Oh right, then let's keep this one for duders! :D

#11 Posted by Gnubberen (764 posts) -

Signed up. Looking forward to this showdown.

#12 Posted by BeefyGrandmole (347 posts) -

I had to make some really tough choices so lets hope this is Caterhams year! Thanks for doing this duder it's awesome.

#13 Posted by Mister_V (1253 posts) -

Man that was tough.

Come on Massa and Button. :D

#14 Posted by dandead (171 posts) -

I gave it a crack, doubt I will do well though.

#15 Posted by Tofford (526 posts) -

I'm in. I've backed teams rather than drivers so lets hope that works out.

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That was tough, Should be fun! My first fantasy league thing! Go go Massa and Kobayashi!

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Let's go Kimi and Kobayashi!

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I struggled a lot to make the budget! banking a lot on Massa as a driver to have a good season and Mercedes to give me a lot of point, they have looked strong in the winter testing but took most of my budget so they better not fuck this up:P was hard as a fan of Fernando Alonso to not have him on my team.

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There's no sign of @drewbert or Danny O'Dwyer putting their (fictional) money where the mouth is. Maybe we need to collectively bother them in playing. Haha :P

Putting together my team now - but am I right in thinking you should bank most of it in the team and not worry about the drivers as much? I mean, it's effectively double points for the top tier teams right?

Also Kobayashi for tie break obviously.

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Can engineers join too?

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@dannyodwyer: Only the top finishing car of a team scores the points for each race. However this is my 8th season running this; and as a rule: teams always score more points than drivers; but teams cost a tad more. I've kept an archive of the scores here http://archive.grandprixfantasy.com

From my phone.

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Just entered and finished my line up. The last time I played Fantasy F1 was about 10 years ago, so I am really looking forward to this.

#25 Posted by TheLegendOfMart (243 posts) -

Haven't played Fantasy F1 in a while but I'm in it just to beat Danny!

#26 Posted by riddles (38 posts) -

i'm in :)

#27 Edited by Khann (2816 posts) -

Count me in

e: Geez, big compromises needed for that $110m cap! That Ferrari engine in the Marussia better surprise everyone, dammit.

#28 Posted by computerandy9 (32 posts) -

Alright i'm in. I've done pretty well in badger grand prix tipping before. Bring it on duders!

#29 Posted by Phouchg (59 posts) -

Ok I'm in, gooo Ericsson! (ok that's probably a bad decision but he was cheap and I'm swedish ^^ )

#30 Posted by dannyodwyer (355 posts) -

I submitted it twice because the first time it swapped my drivers. It did it again the second time too, but I'm guessing it doesn't matter?

Yea feel free to delete one of those teams!

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I did reply to your tweet. However; I'll just repeat here too:

The order of your selection doesn't matter. The "submitted successful" page orders your selection base on constructors standings.



PS. Entry Deadline Countdown: 01days 07hrs 38mins 23secs

#32 Posted by icytower38 (463 posts) -

Just entered. This will be interesting.

#33 Posted by JJWeatherman (14558 posts) -

So what are we supposed to be entering in the "Team name" field in the Player Details box?

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@jjweatherman: Anything; make something up. It's totally up to you. Hopefully you'll choose a team-name with less potential to offend than @dannyodwyer's. :)

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Also just a note. At this late stage, with just under 16hrs to go until the entry deadline. If you have any urgent questions you want answering; feel free to send me a tweet @GPFantasy.

#36 Posted by Sessh (761 posts) -

I also entered, but I'm not all that happy with my choices. Had to sacrifice a lot to get Kimi Räikkönen as the number one driver.

#37 Posted by Idgitt (9 posts) -

Looking forward to this! I went all rookies for drivers and all Mercedes for teams.

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Thanks for taking part duders!

#40 Posted by Flacracker (1638 posts) -

Well I missed it.

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#42 Posted by Khann (2816 posts) -

Oh man, maybe that -100 hit wasn't such a great idea after all.

#43 Posted by deltaalphabravo (142 posts) -

@khann: Abu Dhabi double points ;)

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I'm just awaiting to see the outcome of the post-race-stewards-inquiries before I apply the AusGP's results. Sadly; I think they're going to differ from the preliminary results. :'(

#45 Posted by Tofford (526 posts) -

Well me two drivers crashed on the first corner but my teams of Force India and McLaren worked pretty well

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I didn't do too bad on points.. just gotta eat away at that deficit.

#48 Posted by Phili151 (109 posts) -

I managed to pick up 48 points this round, but started with a minus 80 point deficit didn't do me any favours!

#49 Posted by gkhan (419 posts) -


Hopefully none of the cars except my picks will function properly for next 18 races as well!

#50 Posted by Phouchg (59 posts) -

Wow I'm 2nd after the first round! Guess my +60 will pay off in the early stages, and Kevin my man did what I expected from him. ;) Have a feeling I'm gonna lose out the longer the season goes on though as my teams force india and williams is gonna get less and less chance to compete with the big boys.