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You can buy things online from other places besides Amazon? 

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Buy.com and Overstock.com are both decent alternatives. You could also use a comparison shopping site if you don't mind ordering from a variety of different sources. For me though, there really is no perfect replacement for Amazon. If you really don't want to use them due to politics, that's your call, but I don't think there are any other online marketplaces quite as good.
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Uh, whats wrong with Amazon now?

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Ultimately nothing. People are trying to do wide blanket boycotts of things they only sort of disagree with but can't coherently explain why. 
You know, digital veganism.

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what the hell are you talking about?

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@Mesoian said:

" Ultimately nothing. People are trying to do wide blanket boycotts of things they only sort of disagree with but can't coherently explain why.   You know, digital veganism. "

Oh, like that YouTube Viacom boycott from a few years back. 1000 videos of people promoting a boycott but then failing to actually do anything.
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 "PLEASE, PLEASE, everyone close your Amazon account and do not use them for any purchases in the future. Enough is enough from these liberal idiots. They are traitors!!!"  

Comment from the article. I have no idea how their train of thought is on this one.
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So Amazon sells some server space to Wikileaks and some teabaggers lose their shit. 

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@MysteriousBob:  Pretty much. or the Modern Warefare 2 boycott about no dedicated servers. Everyone on that boycott list bought that game. EVERYONE. No exceptions. 
It all boils down to how much you care. Honestly, Wikileaks is beneficial because it shows us what exactly is going wrong behind the scenes of our country. Nothing extremely detrimental or even all that slanderous has been said, it's just putting names and faces behind leaks and news stories that have been peppered via fox news, cnn, bbc.uk over the past 5 years. Confirmations that shit was, in fact, going down. I'm amazed that the people who are claiming that those behind it are traitors wouldn't want to know whether or not their government is working in their best interest. 
But then, politics always breads some sort of blind faith and most often, there is no simple answer that people can get behind. 
TL:DR - it's server space people, for fuck's sake. I'm not going to stop using amazon, they have good prices. I bought a 10 foot HDMI cable on there for a dollar 2 days ago. Let's not lose sight of what's important because something that you ARE going to forget about in a month currently has you slightly riled up.
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So we're boycotting Amazon for hosting some WikiLeaks stuff? Basically you're pissed that an organization leaked documents that revealed the United States government to be an enormous pile of dog shit.

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Next are you going to boycott Giant Bomb because they use Amazon servers?

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Surely the 'acceptable' thing to boycott would be the US Government? And as that isn't really possible, grow up.

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A self-described “hacktivist” known as “th3j35t3r” — or the Jester — claimed responsibility for the attack and wrote on Twitter that WikiLeaks was “threatening the lives of our troops and ‘other assets,’” Andy Greenberg at Forbes reported. Later, the Jester tweeted that the attack was not made from many computers but was a “simple” denial of service hit. On the Jester’s blog, the hacker claims to be “obstructing the lines of communication for terrorists, sympathizers, fixers, facilitators, oppressive regimes and other general bad guys.” 
And this I find to be particularly hilarious. CNN reports on something, joe blow in his mom's basement catches wind of it, gets flabberghasted and suddenly thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt leading the Rough Riders into Panama. If this cat believed anything he was saying, he would give up everything he's doing because all of his actions are unfavorable in the eyes of the state.

In for a penny, in for a pound. You haven't pick and choose with stuff like this. You can't critisize the government's stance of privacy and fair use on the internet then turn around and attack wikileaks because you don't favor their position on the way the war in Iraq is being run. That is hypocritical and it make syou look childish.
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@Mesoian: I think people (mostly geeky kids) like to think they're part of some great social revolution and are making a difference but are far to lazy to actually attend a protest or stop themselves from buying Left 4 Dead 2.
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It's not a bad thing to want to be part of something bigger. But if you ACTUALLY want to be part of something, you actually have to know what you're talking about instead of pretending you do and flying off the handle anytime something happens with someone, somewhere.
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Haha! These boycotts amuse me. I'm Scottish and I remember when we released Al-Megrahi, the American tea party types were losing their shit, trying to organise a boycott of Scotch Whiskey. I doubt many of them would even remember who Megrahi is anymore, they've all moved on to their next cause célèbre. Never mind most of them probably never drank Whiskey in the first place. Ultimately they never come to anything.

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Vote Amazon for world leaders!

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ffs, when  I pull a boycott it's for good reason. Last thing I boycotted was Nestle for getting rid of the Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU. NEVER.

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