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Reading thread titles and posts I notice that my head is constantly turned to the left. Is there a way to add more space on the left of the website on my end so I'm reading the text more head on?

Resizing the browser is an obvious solution, but I don't want to look at my wallpaper while I'm readying.

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"Moving things to the left" seems to be a by-product of a lot of websites lately that are trying to service mobile devices. You want as much "dead space" in the middle as you want so it's easier to scroll with your thumb. And the fact that most people do it with their right hand, the left isn't obscured by your hand. YouTube did it too.

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You are clearly imagining things.

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I'd prefer it if it looked more like this:

than this:

Anybody else?

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Is this what you wanted rather than this:


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Yea, I'm not a fan of forums that line the text all the way up to the left side of the screen. It's something I'll get used to, but I'd like an option to scrunch it back up just a little bit at least.

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@benpicko said:

Is this what you wanted rather than this:


Yes. I want the content in the middle of the screen and not at the edge of the monitor like it is now. Didn't the old site design have it set up this way?

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@benpicko: How do I get everything centered in the middle like that? That's what I want.

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Download Stylebot and change the margins for #default-content and .forum-above-grid to margin: 0 'whateverworkshere'px

@golguin said:

@benpicko: How do I get everything centered in the middle like that? That's what I want.

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I'm pretty used to it at this point, and I kind of like it.

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I think it might be the asteroid...or meteorite or whatever the fuck it was hitting on Mother Russia.

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I'd appreciate if there was at least the option for it to be more centered.

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i would like it to go to the right little more.

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It's a liberal conspiracy.

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Looking at my forum history on my profile I noticed that the text boxes are positioned the way I like it. Is there no way to give the option to make the forums like this?

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If anyone is using Stylebot the URL is

*giantbomb.com/forums/*, *giantbomb.com/*/*/forums/*

and you can use the following CSS. Just alter max-width to whatever value you want, it'll remain fluid if you make the window smaller.

.container-fluid, #default-content, #forum-content {

margin: 0 auto;

max-width: 1400px;


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@benpicko said:

Download Stylebot and change the margins for #default-content and .forum-above-grid to margin: 0 'whateverworkshere'px

Awesome. Thanks for the advice, duder!

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I basically use the website less because for no reason whatsoever Dave and Friends decided to switch the location of the sidebar links...


I'm always looking at the left edge of my monitor now :(

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I like it more on the left. :)

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Everything centered does look better even on the forum but i still prefer they keep using the entire screen real-estate. For articles, reviews and blogs you can always look at the article, review or blog itself to have the better looking format and for shorter forum posts i prefer being able to see more posts overall.