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I've not really done any for a while and my files are all over the place at the moment, but here are a few of my favourites.


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Hehe, I've gotta say I'm pretty impressed with a lot of the shots in this thread. I thought I was a decent amateur photographer but I suddenly feel pretty lame. =(
Here's a random one of a local place I go walking sometimes.

Roseberry Topping
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Alright so here are a couple more from Flickr, hopefully you enjoy.

  This one is nice as a desktop background.
Anyway hopefully this thread gets more posts, I've got more to share but I'd rather not spam.
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@MB said:
" @DanielJW said:
" @MB said:
" @DanielJW: It depends on the type of photography you want to do, really. Check out this article. "
I read through that, and decided point and click is probably better for me. I found the top ten point and click cameras article and took a liking to this.  Any opinions on that one? I'm thinking about grabbing it used for the $159. "
If you're going to go for a super zoom or a point and shoot, get a recent model. That one is like three years old. The new Canon super zooms are pretty incredible and have some amazing macro capabilities as well. They also have an advanced image stabilization that will help you take better pictures. They're $400 though...if you're going to spend that much just get a DSLR. "
Doesn't DSLR mean I have to switch up lenses, as well as buy more lenses? I'm not entirely sure how to change a lens, let alone what kinds I should buy. 
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@DanielJW: You don't need more than one lens, but think of the body of a DSLR as the base on which you can expand later if you want to.
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@MB: Are they harder to use on a technical level? The only reason I was leaning towards point-and-click was the ease of use. Perhaps starting on something more complicated would help me down the road, if I chose to continue with it.
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Nice photos around here. Apart from the odd holiday snap I still havn't got anything GiantBomb worthy. Weather's shit as well so I can't really take any good pics without freezing or getting wet.

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Fantastic photos here guys! Always nice to see this stuff.
Not gonna lie though...totally thought the threa title read "Amateur Pornographers of Giantbomb" when I glanced at the forum topic list hahaha.

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Here is some of my work.  They are just shots taken from my digital camera.  Expand the image to see the full picture 

 My cousin touching history.  The General Jackson Memorial in Virginia
 Flowers at the UCLA campus
Soldiers returning from the Battle of Gettysburg.  I love this picture because of just how real it is. 
      One of the three Soldiers outside the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
My favorite.  The beach at Santa Monica. 
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@DanielJW: like MB said, DSLR's have a lot of room to grow with, alot of people i know just use the auto settings, the kit lense, and take pictures and play with the focus.
If u want to go deeper, u can always learn more about the settings on the camera, like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, how to control natural lighting, strobist photography (a popularized term for shooting with offbody flash systems), etc...
I would recommend a nikon d40 or canon rebel XT as starter cameras. They're older cameras (2005-2006), but both take great pictures and have a large community following on websites like flickr.com that u can find and get help from.
books i would recommend understanding exposure , its a great break down of what u pretty much learn in a high school photography course and i think gives a pretty solid understanding about how to take good and creative pictures using the settings on ur camera.
if u want to get deeper into composition and stuff, i would say photographers eye is a great way to understand framing and how to compose good photographs. 
photography for those of us who haven't taken formal classes is all about experimentation. You learn alot from just going out and taking pictures with ur camera and seeing what works and what doesn't. If you do get a camera i would suggest making a flickr account and joining some of the camera specific groups on that page, the people are relatively friendly (a little pompous sometimes) but u can learn alot
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A tree by the house where I used to live, January '05. Shot with an Ixus 500, which is still the camera I use to this day.
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Some good stuff, keep 'em coming. Here are a few more from me.

  Same sunset and location, just changed the frame.
  Bummed that this print has gotten quite beaten up.
  Studio lighting is fun, also there is a hacky sack in the shadow somewhere.
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What a nice thread this is. The pictures are wonderful!

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 Yep, I feel sorry for this persons home. Tornado came through. Luckily they wasn't home when this happened.

 I love sail boats, and I'm glad that I saw one up close.
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@Tireyo643:  Here are a few for you, then.
  Fuckin' huge ass yacht going under the golden gate
  Many many boats out that day
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@KnifeySpoony: Wonderful! : - )
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@imayellowfellow: Fantastic stuff man.
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Great photos all around

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Most of these, if not all of them, are pretty damn awesome!  I wish I had cash to get myself a camera, but I don't think I spend or would be willing to spend enough time outside to be able to take pictures this great.  Also: all this camera talk reminds me why I can't get into anything I would be interested in trying (drawing, learning a new language, taking pictures, making arcade sticks) because I'm fucking lazy and everything gets too technical at one point or another...

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...you don't need a fancy-ass camera to take good shots. I have a five year old Canon Ixus 500 with a tiny screen, and it's quite a versatile little gadget.
I'm not into Photoshop either, I'll just tinker with contrast or brightness to sharpen up. Composition is everything.
A good rule of thumb I heard once is if the shot's not good enough, you're not close enough.
Another good one is to take photographs, you need to take photographs. Click like mad. If I'm taking shots at a gig I might get one good shot in ten. There's no shame in it.

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OK, I've been motivated now to add a gallery, for Miyajima Island, near to Hiroshima 

And here's Cairo 

Back home in Australia. 
I don't take digital photography as seriously as I do REAL photography though, so my best shots are all on 35mm.  Anyone here use a real camera??
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@WinterSnowblind: Got a higher rez of that penguin shot?
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@Dragonseer: A couple of my shots on the last page were taken with a Nikon N50 F50 which was given to me by one of my brother-in-laws who is a wedding photographer now.
edit: I prefer using my D70 though, mainly because I don't like getting prints made at shops. I need a dark room if I am going to shoot in film.
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Most if not all these pics are pretty meh, I see more 'art' in the giantbomb photoshop thread, more entertaining IMO, these are yawn

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@JJWeatherman: Thanks, even though they are from a phone they turned out well. I too live close to the falls...About 26miles away. Close enough to drive there and hike all the way up then almost get to Larch MT before the day ends.
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 Great thread, except for the usual downers that say "meh" about every single story on this website. 
  @MB: Hit me up if you have any questions! 

I process some images more than others, depending on what I feel like doing... I shoot RAW, on aperture value most of the times, or manual if I want to feel like the good old days.  I convert the Raw's on Photoshop's Camera Raw plugin, and then tweak whatever else is necessary in Photoshop. 

In terms of details, my gear is currently: 
Cameras (old but they still do the job)
  • Canon 20D (mostly used, shutter button is dying)
  • Canon 300D (mine died, so I when I need a backup, I use my brother's)
  • Canon Rebel 2000 (Film, still works, still use it.)
  • Had a Nikon n65 but it broke.
  • 50mm 1.4
  • 80mm 1.8
  • 100mm 2.8 Macro
  • 16-35L 2.8

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My daughter, born back in January
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Oh wow, most of you are pretty damn good, if the pictures I currently have weren't property of my college course and weren't for a dancer's portfolio I'd totally share them with you. :/
 @MB: How easy-to-use would you say the D60 is? I've been thinking of getting a DSLR myself to take-up photography more seriously on my course with and it's between that and a Canon 1000D so far for me.

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@DanielJW said:
" @MB: Are they harder to use on a technical level? The only reason I was leaning towards point-and-click was the ease of use. Perhaps starting on something more complicated would help me down the road, if I chose to continue with it. "
The whole point in buying a SLR is so you can do more manually. Point and shoots just do most of the stuff for you. SLR's still have automatic modes, but when you feel like you've learned enough about how to control a camera the manual modes are right there for you. So unless you're using the automatic modes, SLR's will be harder to use for a beginner, but once you learn what you need to know it's very easy.
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@bpwwhirl that is seriously a beautiful photograph. My heart has offically melted. 
I got into photography while on my  American road trip in June but I prefer animal shots so I was only really snap happy when I was in San Diego Zoo. It isn't my camera either, I just steal my Dads D40. He forked out for a long lens which I used for almost every shot, the photographs just seemed ten times sharper. This is more of a passing fancy but seeing the amount of utterly amazing shots other people have taken, it's gotten my trigger finger itchy.    

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Well, I have no plans on being a photographer, but I do have a couple photos that I took a few years ago (2 or 3). Forget the name, but it had 5.0 Megapixels, I believe.

 Pond across the road from my parents' house.
 Aimed the camera into the sky during a snowfall
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Wow, some of these pictures are really encroaching on professional territory...hah. If you get paid to take pictures, start your own thread!
It's harvest season in Napa Valley.

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@MB: The third one is very good.
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@gingertastic_10 said:
" @MB: The third one is very good. "
Thanks...I did quite a bit of post-processing on it in Lightroom, maybe too much.
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@gingertastic_10 said:
" @MB: The third one is very good. "
i agree. the others are kinda bland but that one is interesting and everything stands out. 
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My attempts 



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@imayellowfellow: The skateboarding picture is awesome. Was it raining or was that from a hose?
#138 Posted by imayellowfellow (558 posts) -
@Valames: it was from a hose, what we were trying to do was actually copy a lance mountain poster
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@MB:  The pictures at the start of this thread are really nice, but the bank one I have one slight critisism. 
You can see just the top of some plants at the bottom, you shuold either go with it all, or not at all. 
Your good though. Much better then me.
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It's been awhile since this thread saw any activity - probably because I've been so busy, not leaving enough time for photography, let alone video games or the guitar or any of my other numerous hobbies. Anyway, I took this shot at Frog's Leap Winery in Napa Valley last week.
Taken with the gear I've previously described, Nikon D60 with the kit 18-55mm lens, f/9, ISO 200 @ 1/125. When I have time I'm going to Photoshop that lady's face out of the glass on the far left...full resolution pic can be grabbed from my images on my profile page if you want to see the real deal.
I just splurged and picked up a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens and (finally) a tripod on Amazon which both came today. The prime lens has amazing indoor performance and is very fast and lightweight, I can't wait to get out there and take some real pictures with it. 

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 An old friend of mine

 With my old phone: the LG enV
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Took these when I was on a trip to Barcalona

Just used my Panasonic DMC-FS15
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I took this a little wile ago.  
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Both taken with a Canon EOS 500D.
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My best mate doin' his thing, great photo, 
My car and sometimes avatar, I like this shot, 
I think this is fairly cool, 
And side on, not bad if i do say so myself, pity about the chip packet though... 
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I dunno if these are my 'favourite' but there the ones I've liked from the last year or so...

  Seattle Sculpture Garden
  Stanley Park (Vancouver)
  Tree by my apartment early one morning
 Metal Tree @ Seattle Sculpture Garden
  Some beach in Maui
  Just like how this one turned out.
All of these taken on a 5D mkII with various lenses.
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So does none use film here?

#148 Posted by simian (865 posts) -
@Canberra:  I used film for years but the cost of developing finally cause me to make the jump to a DSLR.
If I had the room I would have setup a darkroom in my apartment but alas, new camera was more cost effective.
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Taken during a school assignment about hobbies
My first attempt at a Sin City style photo
Half-face, yeah...

Some photos from Oslo, part of a school assignment where I chose to document street art.






These were taken with my Canon EOS 450D
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Aachen Cathedral

Another Shot of the Aachen Catthedral

City Hall Aachen

Market Place Weel

Batman and Fans


Taken with a Casio Exilim. The landscape was taken with my wifes cell-phone camera.