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Really nice colors, man. Good work! 

 Some photos from Oslo, part of a school assignment where I chose to document street art. 







Guh, Norwegian kids now-a-days, huh? Fucking spray painting the entire Norwegian capital. It's such a ugly city now... 
Sarcasm, anyone??
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 To infinity and beyyyyyyyoooooond!
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@VIGGO123: Very nice work! I love the first shot of your street art compilation.
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 I don't drink eDrinks anymore.  Yes, eDrinks.
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 Murder Bird
Was really glad I didn't cock up the origami so I just had to take a shot of it.

 Summer, as it should be

 Some of my first underwater photography, focus is wrong damn!

 Another early attempt, need a proper strobe to improve these shots
First 2 shots were taken with a Nikon D5000, the last two were taken with a simple Canon point&shoot in a 40m rated housing.
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@DOUBLESHOCK: I love that last picture of yours with the two dogs, really excellent composition.
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This thread might lead me to buying a camera today. Photography is something I have always wanted to start, but have never gotten around too. I really need a new hobby, and I might just splurge today. 

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@gunslingerNZ said:
" @VIGGO123: Very nice work! I love the first shot of your street art compilation. "
Thanks man. Your PS3/Heavy Rain shot is awesome. The focus and sharpness is perfect. Also, I hope there is Heineken in your glass, wouldn't soil it with anything else :)
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@gunslingerNZ:  Yeah I felt the same way about the origami when I did it during the 15m install. THIS IS A-MAZING!
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i took this in Wales in the UK with a basic Fujifilm S2000HD  
Its of Mt. Tryfan, and is one of my favorite places on earth :)
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@MB:  Either you're hot or that girl you took a photo of is hot.
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where the fuck did u see a giraffe

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Amateur drunk photographers of giant bomb, submit your favorite shots? 

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some of mine. i have a few more but i have to find them
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@Ryax: I love shots of wooded paths. I raise you an evil version.

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@MB: ill have some more forest and landscape shots tomorrow. the external hard drive its on is messing up
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all from my phone. i havent messed much with the effects but i think i might start
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@sodiumCyclops: there are some really weird pictures there. but i see alot of artistic value in them.
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Taken in Shibuya about a month ago.
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I took pictures once. Heres some now:


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I took a bunch of photos in and around Gunnerside which is in Swaledale, North Yorkshire, but this one is my favourite.
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Can someone recommend me a camera for under $220?  
I'm not exactly sure what to look for.

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  beep boop   
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Seeing these makes me want to get into proper photography. I love taking photographs, but due to the fact I don't regularly carry a camera around with me, and money is difficult to come by, this seems to be one of those things I just won't be able to do. I might actually start a thread for people to upload Forza images or something, because that's about the only place I can take pictures, seeing as it's built into the game. @Devil240Z said:

Tell me... how large is this image? If it's bigger than 1280x800 or just that size, please share a full size link with me. I need to get that picture as a background!
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@sodiumCyclops said:

" Can someone recommend me a camera for under $220?   I'm not exactly sure what to look for. "

 Holy crap dude...I just had a LONG reply typed out and then the page ate my post when I tried to add an image. Here's the condensed version: Look for a used Nikon D40 with the kit 18-55mm VR lens, or a Nikon D40 body and buy a lens separately. It may run you a little more than $220...but just wait for the right deal on Craigslist or something. At $220 you're looking at point and shoots...don't waste your time. Go DSLR. The D40 may only be 6 megapixels, but don't let that fool you, it's a beast and capable of some impressive pictures. Here are some examples at the Flickr D40 group dedicated to pictures taken with the very common kit 18-55mm lens that it usually comes with.
I had a lot more in the post but I've just lost all motivation to retype it all. Here's a random picture I took with my Nikon D60 and the same 18-55mm lens...the D40 and D60 are essentially the same camera, just with a different image sensor (D60 is 10.2mp). Don't worry about megapixel count - 6.1 is plenty unless you plan on printing very large images, like larger than 11x17...and let's face it, most of us never will. Just trust me and go DSLR for the flexibility and upgradeability down the road. You can start with a $250-$300 used Nikon D40 kit with a lens, then add more stuff like a prime or telephoto lens later on if you want to. Or, if you find yourself not being as into photography as you thought you were, sell the thing on Craigslist for what you paid or more.
For fun, here's a shot I took with my D60 and kit 18-55mm lens...I'm a VERY amateur photographer. Every image I've shared in this thread has been taken with my D60 and either the 18-55mm lens, the 55-200mm lens I have, or the new 50mm prime I just got. That's the other thing about DSLR's vs point and shoots....response time. I can turn on my Nikon and take a picture in less than a second, and it shoots at 4 frames per second. You'll never get the kind of flexibility, responsiveness, and quality from ANY point and shoot or superzoom camera than you will from a DSLR. Trust me dude.
This was shot in full auto mode, it was an "Oh shit I need to turn the camera on and get a picture of this immediately because it's so damn adorable" type of moment. No post processing, took it in an instant, and I suck at photography. I think it turned out pretty good. The second one is an image I've shared before, but I just wanted to give you an idea of what kind of versatility a "real" camera gives you. Same lens, same camera, same photographer, only with a $20 polarizing filter screwed on to the business end and a little post processing in Adobe Lightroom. Taking pictures is only half of the fun for nerds like me - I spend more time in Lightroom and Photoshop working with the "keepers" than I do actually taking pictures. It should probably be the other way around, but this is a hobby for me and I love it, even if I'm not great at it.  
(Also keep in mind when viewing pics on GB...they are pretty heavily compressed and lose a little quality. You can go into my image gallery and click to see the full resolution ones if you want to see the difference)
Good luck and have fun with it, it's an awesome hobby and could turn into a rewarding career if you're talented.


Do NOT pet the sheep.

18-55mm with polarizing filter on a tripod, Mount Diablo State Park, California.
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A hand full of photos I took from my trip to Hawaii at the beginning of the year, the last photo was taken really close to the area where both Lost and Jurassic Park was filmed. 
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  I think that these are decent enough.
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 Typical band practice

 Old friend of mine.

 One of the few self-portraits that I can deal with :)

 Thought you'd like this
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@xMP44x:  Here is the full size. I think anyway. of all the photos I took that day, this is the one I like the most.

Edit: balls GB resized it too.
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@MB: lol, yeah dont pet the sheep, they follow you and start eating you lol
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@MB: Oh my fucking god! That it is incredible! Unfortunately,my camera is broken,so i don't have any pictures,but soon enoug new ones will be posted...ALTOUGH i can find some pictures i took of my son (but their extremely old,so i they also very dirty) back in 98/99 :/
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I thought for a moment that it said "Luchadeer Hottie!" I guess that might be true, though.
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Dang dude I really like the second one! I think im going to have to save it..
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Dad's latest retirement purchase, a 35th Anniversary 350z with only 30,000 miles on it.

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Some of my photos. Need to find the rest.
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Some of mine.

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Just some nature photos I took with my old Nikon coolpix 4900.

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 A sign from a beach on Kaua'i.  The full-size pic looks better

 Turtle laying on the beach on Kaua'i.  Color's a bit washed out, but I like his expression.

 Yarn hanging at a market outside of Cusco, Peru.  Again, the color's a bit washed out.  The full-size looks better. (Maybe it's because I have use GB's lite background).

 Messing around with a long exposure and twisting the camera.  These are the lights of Cusco, Peru.
  I wouldn't call myself even an amateur photographer.  I don't really have the eye.  The first three pics are with a Nikon D40.  The last one was my wife's point and shoot.
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My internet's being crap at the moment so I'll only upload this one. There's quite a few on my Flickr page, should really upload some more looking at the last post date!  http://www.flickr.com/photos/benbraudy/
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Here's a few of my better stuff. I use a D90 with an 18-105mm lens (though all my photos are taken below 30mm), and have yet to use a strobe. Hot-lights are my friend. :D
More here~ 

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Crappy iPhone pic of the TOOL concert last night at the Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. I did sneak in a little Canon digital elph point and shoot, but it was so bad in low light it was useless.

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Messing around with my new 50mm prime lens

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@MB: That's actually pretty cute. Did you just use room lighting for that or more?
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@ghostNPC: Sorry for the late reply - but that was a combination of the room's incandescent & fluorescent lighting at f/1.8. In an effort to revive the thread, here's something recent. 
Tapas bar...blood sausage and sangria from this weekend. Shot with a Canon 40D using a 24-70 f/2.8 at 35mm, aperture priority.