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These photos aren't my best since I just have a regular consumer camera and the time of day forced me to crank up the ISO, but it being fall and all, I thought I would throw up these two I took at Kiyomizudera in Japan around this time last year. I miss having such colorful trees now that I'm back in the States, since that was easily the prettiest fall I've ever seen in my life. I imagine some people from the east coast might dispute me, but beings as I'm not a native, this is my gold standard.

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@Wong_Fei_Hung: Really great stuff.

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Thanks, but the credit must go to the spritely little fella who was nice enough to pose for me :).

I've got quite a few pics of them. I'm proud of this first one because of the way it was taken at distance with a zoom. I like photographing animals that are unaware of your presence, you get much better photos that way...

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@Wong_Fei_Hung: There cool but I was talking about the B\W ones from Asia, they're incredible love the guy reading the paper.

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Sgt. Fuzzypants
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I like the first.

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I'm not a professional photographer, nor is this really a perfect picture. I think this is a pretty area, and I snapped it with my iPhone 4!
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Instagram'd this the other day. Filtered to hell, but I think it works.

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Went to school for film, so I know my way around a camera for sure...hope y'all bombers like.

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Just some landscapes taken from a trip this summer.
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Time to kick old thread.
Couple of shots that I took when I was watching the great migration in Africa. Too bad that I was somewhat limited by my gear, since I'm not a pro photographer.
Flied back home with around 4k pictures. :)

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@mmzOne: Those are great animal shots!

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My girlfriend went into the hospital on Tuesday with diabetic ketoacidosis. She had an E.T. finger, so we had to make the reference.
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Polar Bear with a Shovel
Hidden Falls in the Tetons
Bison in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Two of these aren't letting me caption them but they're from Grand Teton National Park, which I visited during a trip across the country last summer.

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Hey guys! Visited Japan recently (two weeks, from New Years and forth) and had a blast! Man, my camera was exhausted, but it gave results. I wanted to share a few with you right here, but more are available at my Flickr.

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Here is my first publicly released shot from my newest (and onlyest) camera since giving photography a break for nearly a decade.

1/60 ƒ/4 ISO 3200 19 mm

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