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I went to Amazon a couple of minutes ago to look for Boomtown Rats and I saw they added cloud support for music! They give you 5 GBs for free and any music you buy from them doesn't add to the limit. 
Anyway, this is great for lazy people like me! I'll still back up my music anyway, but at least I could play my music when I'm at someone else's computer.
Anyone else think this is a good idea?

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Absolutely, but they see a little late to the dance.

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Cool stuff. I remember reading something about cloud support, but I didn't know the details. 

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The whole premise of allowing only one download per purchase of digital music is fucking crooked. I can't believe people are praising them for just now legitimizing their business.

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I had just noticed this on their website this morning too. 
Personally, I still prefer Audiogalaxy for semi-cloud music playing.  That way no matter where I got my music from (iTunes, Amazon, hard copy of disc), I can still listen to it from anywhere.

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Did you go there because of Dave's tweet?

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@ajamafalous: I did. I watched the video and can't remember where I heard the song before. 
Looking a little closer, I definitely don't want a yearly subscription to increase my cloud storage. $20 for a few more gigs, I'll pass on that part.