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Just sharing if anyone is interested in this type of music ( sound experimentation) personally i like it when gaming, reading or trying to sleep or just to meditate or use my imagination in general


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Awesome tunes dude! It's nice to find someone also into this type of music!

Check out

Ben Frost's tunes usually take on a more sinister tone, but they are equally powerful and beautiful! By The Throat is my favorite album, Solaris is more chilled out if that's what you're looking for.


Tim Hecker has been around for years and produces amazing soundscapes that drift into one, Ravedeath is a great album of his to check out!


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these guys are pretty good, thanks for sharing

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Wasn't a big fan of the 2nd track, but the first one was good. I love this kind of music when I need to relax or fall asleep.

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Damn, that is some dark ambience.

I like to listen to ambient music when I write, but it's usually more upbeat stuff. However, I'm sure this is gonna be great if/when I get around to writing that horror story I've been wanting to work on. Thanks for sharing, bro!

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Ambient music can be pretty great. Check out a guy called Tim Hecker - I love his stuff.

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2009 track

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2009 Acid Piece

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Nice tunes man.

As for a contribution to the thread.. I enjoy Loscil quite a bit. There's a little more of an electronic aspect to his tunes than what has been posted so far, but I think it still fits.

This is one of my favourite tracks:

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It's a little more "contemplative" than "haunting". Has a really nice warm feeling to it. Feels like a big hug when you're in... certain states of mind. It's great for sleeping/coding music.

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@khann said:

It's a little more "contemplative" than "haunting". Has a really nice warm feeling to it. Feels like a big hug when you're in... certain states of mind. It's great for sleeping/coding music.

Which is fitting since he named himself after an opcode in CSound.

Someone mentioned noise?

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keep on sharing great tunes, even if you make some let us hear it :)

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Some experimental/art rock I listen to might be characterized as ambient. For all its minimalism there is an enormous amount that can be done with the genre. When the time is right I listen to psybient, which is usually more energetic than ambient but still downtempo enough.

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The entire Bit Trip Series has a nice ambient soundtrack.

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I was listening to the Persona 3 soundtrack yesterday while writing stuff. Video game music can often help me.

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This'll do you good.

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Not sure if this is proper ambient but... it sure is relaxing. I also recommend checking out Carbon based lifeforms

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I tend to lean to the darker or harsher experimental ambient noise stuff such as

Yellow Swans




The Caretaker

You might like some of these, or not, but there are so many musicians out there who create weird and otherworldy soundscapes

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I wanted to post "Medicine", but it's nowhere to be found on Youtube... so this will do, as it invokes similar imagery. Posting the live version, because the album art on "Third and Final Report" kind of goes too far, even by Throbbing Gristle's standards.

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(also, this doesn't technically belong in an ambience thread, but listen to "Hamburger Lady" if you aren't familiar with these guys. It's a masterpiece, and one of their "easier" tracks to get into, despite the nightmares it may cause)

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I've always been pretty partial to this song.

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And here is one from me. I really enjoy music made by those guys.

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I listen to a lot of Hearts of Space (www.hos.com), it has a bunch of different genres and channels that can narrow down what you're looking for. It's a paid service, but it's totally worth it. I highly recommend it: the care they put into every single program is remarkable.

If you're looking for pure ambient, some of the bigger names are guys like Steve Roach and Michael Stearns. Stearns' album "Planetary Unfolding" is considered a masterpiece in the world of ambient music, and I listen to it pretty regularly.

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Serbian Artist

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Another old track i did in 2009

If you would like to support, thanks in advance if not, all good :)


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