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She is soo hideous lol

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I have no idea who she is but why did you make me look at her?!?!?

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I think enough people hate her already. No need to sign.

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I'll sign my name to remove this crack ho from the streets, take her out back and wipe her away from this planet. Look at her she looks like a cracked out monkey women, much like the girls I see in Detroit walking the streets HaHa

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Her teeth are terrible, reminds me of the chick from Fight Club.

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Aand Iii goo baack tooo....the dentist for a refund.

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I'm sick of hearing about this woman, she's always in the media for something.  The record company seriously needs to drop for ass if she doesn't get herself clean.

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Nude_Dude said:

Aand Iii goo baack tooo....the dentist for a refund.

Unless she's buying crack from her Dentist.
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Why hate her?

She's on a spectacular path of self destruction, at this rate, she'll die before the end ot this decade. It's more sad than anything really.

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demonbear said:
"Why hate her?."

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Who's Amy Whinehouse ?

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AuthenticM said:
"Who's Amy Whinehouse ?"
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Her music makes my ears bleed.

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she prolly sucks schlong like a walrus

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DanCarmichael said:
"Her music makes my ears bleed."

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It's Amy Winehouso!

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tekmojo said:
"she prolly sucks schlong like a walrus"

How does a Walrus such schlong?
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Like that girl.

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wow to this thread.... I'm not quite into hating people I barely know anything about and mostly keep to themselves. And she's quite easily avoidable for those that want to avoid her.

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I said "Such" schlong. Schlong and such. I am absolutely humiliated.

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I'm recruiting for the useless topic haters' club, anyone interested?