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So I remember this weird game from my childhood. It was 2D and you played as frogs, I remember I played it on one computer with my little brother. You were to kill each other with the frogs, and everytime you died, there was a LOT of bloody, and eventually the map would be covered in gore. You could jump around on obstacles and there was some power-ups. I would really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction, I've been looking for this game for years.

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I have NO idea at all. You sure they were frogs?

Also, how long ago was this?

Need more details.

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I am pretty sure it was frogs, yes. Frogs or toads. I don't know when it was created but last time I played it was like 10 or 8 years ago. It's pretty old. The graphics were pixelated too. It might have been a freeware game that just died and is never to see daylight again, but, I hope it's still out there somewhere. My curiousity and nostaliga is killing me. ^^

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@Mrsignerman44: Why you gotta be mean?

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@GnomeonFire: What? I'm not being mean, he said toads, it's gotta be Battletoads.

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Unfortunately, it's neither of those. I suspect the worst but, thank you for the help anyways. gg.

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Maybe some idea of what platform you saw this game was on would help as it doesn't sound familiar.

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It does ring a bell (but I could be completely off here), I have a feeling I may have played it on an Acorn.

And yes, that is next to useless in actually tracking the game down (the chances are an Acorn version was a port of whatever the original release platform was).

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I have no memory of ever owning an Acorn, but, it's not impossible. I am 100% sure it was on a computer though, not any other consoles.

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Sounds kind of like Liero. You play as worms in that one though.

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Yeah thought of Liero as well, what a great game btw

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This sounds really familiar somehow, but for the life of me I can't think of what it was called...

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It really did look like Jump 'n Bump, but it's a bit diffrent. I know it is not liero though, since I play that game on a regular basis ^^ I know the feeling all too well, Clairabel.