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Does anyone else enjoy this band? I'm glad they were the ones who did the Scott Pilgrim game soundtrack, but the band has been making kick ass music for several years. Great stuff if you like electronic chip tunes music.

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Love them, I have Dawn Metropolis on vinyl even.

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Don't know much about em, but I do own the Scott Pilgrim game's soundtrack on account of its bad assery

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@WEGGLES:  How would I go about acquiring a vinyl of their music?
 @csl316:   Scott Pilgrim was really good. I thing Power Supply is my personal favorite.  
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I just saw Anamanaguchi live a few months ago, 1 show before they played at PAX.  It was an awesome show in a tinny bar in San Francisco!  
There was like 5 or 6 acts/bands there all playing chip-tune-ish music.  The show was called "8-bit SF" if I remember correctly.  The owner of the bar cooked everyone bacon and we all ate it with Anamanaguchi :)  

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Never even heard them.. but the name sounds like a pokémon.

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@l4wd0g: If you or someone you know is going to PAX East or Prime, and that's assuming they'll be playing both again this year, they sell, or should I say sold, vinyls of Dawn Metropolis there.  Soo...that's a possibility.  
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I've been watching the Penny Arcade TV show.... 

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I prefer the guy who does all the music for CD key generators.