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Just as the title says, this is where it all begins! But why now?

For years I’ve been writing in all sorts or ways. In the “creative” way of short stories, the “professional” way of reviewing things for my own amusement, and finally the “personal” way of writing down my thoughts in private journals. But as life continues on and my ambitions to write in a more public environment compels me to step out of the shadows of my notebooks, I’ve finally decided to share my love for writing with the rest of the world in the form of this blog. So this blog appeals exactly to that. It’s a platform where I can write about things both personal and professional. But what does that mean? Well allow me to elaborate a bit!

The Personal

The personal is obvious; I wish to write about anything going on in my life, whether it be life events or just personal views on issues that plague this world. The personal is what I wish to make of it, maybe I will rant about the lack of maturity by today’s youth, the happenings of the Middle East, or just the evils of onions. All I can say really for the personal is that it may be just as eccentric and random as me.

The Professional

The professional is a little more complex, considering my goals for my professional writing career. I hope to be able to hone my skills while at the same time trying to show what I can do with writing. But the question is what do I write about professionally and how? In short: Anime, Music, and Video Games in the forms of reviews, articles, and opinion pieces. I’ve always been a lover of these things. In fact, you could say that I’m a little bit of an entertainment media junkie. I am fascinated with the world of entertaining people. Everything from playing video games to watching anime; I love it all. Even watching the occasion YouTube miniseries or short is exciting to me! And from a professional prospective I’m hoping to write as much as I can in relation to these respective pastimes. For now I’ll keep it light, but for the sake of being informative about what this blog is, let’s briefly focus on the three biggest entertainment mediums I will be tackling.


I have been watching anime since the earliest part of my years. It just so happens to be the oldest interest of mine out of the three major entertainment mediums that I’m going to write about in a “professional” sense. Not only does it appeal to people of all ages, but also like the other mediums it brings about a deeper way of thinking at times. Sure not every anime is going to possess the philosophical substance that a more mature person may be searching for, but anime as a whole provides avenues for the mindful and the mindless alike.

Even the artwork and voice work created to bring these animes to life bring about analytical urges within fans and myself alike. The stories are also not to be overlooked, not only do they have the power to move their viewers, but anime also has the ability to introduce enormous living and breathing worlds. But there is also another side to anime that many do not consider, anime as a growing industry. This is another reason by which I find myself so fascinated with anime. I certainly plan on writing a plethora of reviews about anime series and one shots as well as opinion pieces that delve further into anime concepts and the industry itself. I hope that those out there that read my blog will find this enjoyable!


Let’s face it; there is not a single human being with the ability to hear that does not like music. It’s within our human nature and the most basic of all forms of human expression, aside from speech. So why wouldn’t my love for writing and my love for music not combine into a section of my blog being about such a popular form of entertainment? I am an avid music listener and have been since my earlier years of junior high. I am absolutely obsessed with music and when I’m not in class, or at work, there is a high chance that I’m listening to a song or two. Admittedly I can’t walk out of the house without my headphones in my back pocket, otherwise I feel very uncomfortable. I love all music, and while my favorite genres lie within the electronica and punk range, I can say that I am an eclectic listener of music. There is not a single genre that isn’t found in my library, except for country that is.

But enough about my personal relationship with music for now; let’s get down to why I wish to write about it. Music has many points of interest to write about and it is arguably the purest way for a person to express thoughts and emotions (outside of the superior form of writing). So there are definitely plenty of things to blog about and discuss relating to music. Such as the rise and fall of certain artists/bands, the popularity of different musical genres, and opinion pieces on lesser-known artists that deserve some praise. Music is just as powerful of an entertainment medium as anything else, and I look forward to putting down tons of words on paper about such a topic.

Video Games

As we reach the last of the major entertainment media topics that I will frequent on my blog, I can’t help but think about the massive amount of time I have spent playing video games. Out of all three of these mediums, I am by far the most knowledgeable about the industry behind the entertainment. This is probably due to the fact that for the longest time I wanted to become a video game designer. But what makes writing about video games worthwhile? Just like the other forms of entertainment mentioned in this blog, video games have so much to offer people.

It is for all ages, it possesses the creative aesthetic involved with art, the technical prowess that rivals scientific industries, and above all things, video games are downright fun! I hope to take this enjoyment of video games and share my opinions on topics such as the effect of violence in video games as well as reviews on games I’ve played. I also hope to dive into informative articles that have to deal with the industry itself, such as a closing of a studio or an announcement of an old franchise being brought back to life. I can safely say that I will “nerd out” on multiple occasions about a medium that has drawn in both young and old, male and female, as well as the technically hip and the not so much into its wonderful world of fun through interaction.

So that’s it! Just like the title of this very first blog says. It has begun. I really hope that the readers who come across this, whether they know me or not, will enjoy what I have to say! Keep checking back, because there will be a lot of posts coming soon!

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