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r.i.p whammu

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I just finished Fate/Stay on Crunchyroll. I really enjoyed the combination of magical elements and modern technology. Now I don't know what else to watch on Crunchyroll.

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@golguin: Fate Zero! Tsuritama is also fantastic, easily my favourite of 2012.

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@golguin: Fate Zero! Tsuritama is also fantastic, easily my favourite of 2012.

I just noticed I typed the wrong thing. I saw Fate Zero, which I believe is a prequel to Fate Stay Night. I saw the trailer and opening for Fate Stay Night, but it obviously didn't look as good as Fate Zero since it came out first.

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@golguin: Haha, yeah I was sort of surprised someone would like F/SN.

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@golguin: Haha, yeah I was sort of surprised someone would like F/SN.

Hahahaha, this made me laugh. It's also sad because it's true. : (

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@cloudenvy: It's too bad though, Shirou is the best main character ever, isn't that right Cloud?

I was strictly talking about the anime, the VN is pretty great.

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@no0b0rama said:

@golguin: Haha, yeah I was sort of surprised someone would like F/SN.

Hahahaha, this made me laugh. It's also sad because it's true. : (

So I shouldn't watch Fate Stay Night then? I figured while watching Fate Zero that the obvious attention paid to the little kids meant that they must have been in the original series and it ultimately proved to be true.

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@no0b0rama: I can't possibly convey all the positive feelings I have about Shirou with simple words.

I just wish Nasu would stop writing sex scenes because they're all terrible.

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@golguin: No, you really shouldn't. It's a mess of an adaptation that takes a little bit of everything from all of the routes and mixes them together in one big giant puddle of mediocre. The VN is pretty decent from what I remember though it still has the worst protagonist of all time.

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@no0b0rama: I can't possibly convey all the positive feelings I have about Shirou with simple words.

I just wish Nasu would stop writing sex scenes because they're all terrible.


@golguin: If it behooves you, just go for the visual novel. I was actually planning on getting it for Vita because it's apparently the best version?

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Guys, I'm sorry for enjoying this show, but does anyone have anything with the same feel as Sword Art Online?

I enjoyed the setting, the fight scenes and it being based within an MMO. I'm ashamed.

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@dchao: Get out.

Serioulsy though, I liked the first two novels as some simple light entertainment. It's everything after that first arc where everything completely nosedives in terms of writing and characters, so what I'm saying is:

Get out.

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I wanna watch Welcome to the NHK. I hear good things. Anyone seen it?

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@planetfunksquad: The manga is really good, and I've only heard good things about the anime so it seems like a really good watch.

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@cloudenvy: Bro, I'm just as jealous I can't live in a VR MMO. Don't feel so bad. I know it's a bad series, I just couldn't stop watching it though.

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@dchao: If you liked Sword Art Online you might like another from that author, Accel World. It's set in the same "universe" from what I understand just a decade or two different in time. The themes are similar but their approaches are quite different. SAO is much more of a straight adventure/romance while is somewhat of a parody of the SAO future. As far as tone goes, not knowing what else you've seen, I might suggest Eureka Seven, Katanagatari, Guilty Crown, and Shakugan no Shana. You might want to look into Steins;Gate and Nurarihyon no Mago, too. Steins;Gate has more depth the the story but Nurarihyon no Mago has more action especially in season 2. Other video game focused shows are .Hack and The World Only God Knows. Other shows where the characters from our world find themselves in alternate worlds (such as an MMO) include Ixion Saga DT, El Hazard, and Zero no Tsukaima.

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@penguindust: Thanks man, actually currently watchingand really enjoying Eureka Seven. It started off slow for me, though it has picked up and I can't put it down.

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@dchao: If you enjoy Eureka Seven, there is a steampunkish anime called Nadia Secret of Blue Water made a decade and a half earlier which is very similar. It's harder to find these days but I enjoyed it immensely. There was recently a Eureka sequel but I haven't gotten around to seeing it yet so I can't recommend it just yet. The original Eureka is in my top-5 of all time, so I doubt Eureka II will reach that level of perfection for me. Still, once I get through 124 episodes of Yawara, I'll give it a-go.

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Some short JoJo PVs went up on Youtube, to coincide with the release of the new art book JOJOVELLER.

A neat little JoJo/Araki in media/pop culture timeline.

A short walkthrough of last year's JoJo Exhibition.

Cool stuff. Wish I had the money for that artbook.

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@planetfunksquad: I have. I'd say it's one of those series that I didn't enjoy particularly, but think it was good that I watched all the way through. Some of the social commentary and insight into the shut-in mindset made me seriously uncomfortable. Too bad it gets diluted by some pretty bad comedy.

I'd say give it a shot. My experience ranged from cringing because it hit the spot and cringing because it missed completely, but all in all it was still an experience.

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So, the Magi anime is ending or just goes on a hiatus? I would say it takes a break and returns at some point like Bakuman, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or Natsume Yuujinchou, but I heard some bad stuff about the reception of it in Japan.

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@alexandersheen: Officially, it's ending. What they're going to do, I don't know, it started off with some quite amazing TV ratings and the first volume sold quite well possibly due to an event ticket you got with it. As things went on though, the animation got more and more lazy and now they're going to end with an anime original ending (that makes one character worse, I might add), the second volume saw a 6k drop-off and that's quite a lot.

So whether they're going to continue or not is very much unknown.

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@cloudenvy: I saw some gems of the quality on imageboards (fuckin' Tumblr, ruining my life.) Usually I overlook it with a blissful ignorance and try not to look real hard for bad animation bits, but recently even I can see it that something is not right. Looks like A-1 did a big disservice to Magi. Such a pity, cause it's so charming and I would love to see more of it in animated form (also gifs.)

A part of me says "It's okay if it is gnarly at some spots as long the story is compelling and gives the same sense of adventure like in the beginning." But at the same time "Could it pull it off like that? With bad animation which is the main point of an anime?" I don't know. Ah well, the manga is still going, so might as well...

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Anyone else in here keeping up with Robotics;Notes? I feel like I'm the only one still watching it. XD

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@alexandersheen: A-1 did a big disservice to just about everything in the last 6 months. They're overworking themselves and it's showing, trying to have 6 series in production, 4 movies and all with a fairly restricted budget. Aniplex is going quanity over quality with them now, after all, the animation studio wasn't profitable in its first 4 years or so when they only made a handful of pretty good-looking shows. I'm usually fine with pretty low budget animation, I've been rewatching parts of Medaka Box Abnormal recently and half of the shots have giant speedlines and removed backgrounds and it's still cool, but once you get into paper-cutout territory I get really bothered:

To be fair, this particular episode looked like trash because A-1 didn't get their in-betweens from China in time but scheduling issues is no excuse, really.

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@cloudenvy: I didn't even noticed that... until now... jerk :P

6 series and 4 movies? Wow, I knew A-1 was in business, but not this much.

@tobbrobb: I left off at episode 8, but I will finish it one day in the far flung future.

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@tobbrobb said:

Anyone else in here keeping up with Robotics;Notes? I feel like I'm the only one still watching it. XD

Well it not as interesting as Steins;Gate and for me the main character is very dull (Kaito).

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@metalsnakezero: Agreed. I considered dropping it several times. Just checking if that was just what everyone else did too. XD

I think Kaito is one of the better characters, but man. Nothing really happens until laaaaaaaaaaate into the story.

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So the Spring season shows are coming up. Which ones are you guys going to check out?


So far I'm going with Devil Survivor 2 and Railgun S but if I hear anything good about the other shows I'll check them out.

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devil survivor 2, shinjeki no kyojin (the people of SA really like the manga so it's worth checking out... then again they do like Jojo's so who knows?), maybe something involving space since I need something to fill the bodacious space in my heart :(

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@animasta At least it's only one year until the movie!

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@cloudenvy: a year and a couple months until the blu ray release, that is

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  • RGD Red Girl Data - I like me some P. A. Works joint
  • Girls und Panzer - But before that, I have to watch the first 10 episodes
  • Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru - I have to know what "Service Club" means
  • Devil Survivor 2 The Animation - SMT, enough said
  • Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. - WOO!
  • Shingeki no Kyojin - Everything I saw from it makes it very promising
  • Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S - More Saten Ruiko!

So far these are the ones I will definitely give a try.

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I'm going to be watching "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong as I Expected" because I love depression.

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@alexandersheen: oh yeah I have to finish Madchen und Panzer too. Though might as well wait for the last two episodes to come out.

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Oh boy, new animes announced!

Let's see... I'll probably watch the second season of Nyaruko (though I need to finish the first) and I'll probably check out that Lucky Star spin off and see if it's good. The rest aren't familiar in any way so I'll just watch some random shows as they appear and see if any stick.

Also the end of the description for Airua sounds amusing. It's about "what happens when there is nothing happening".

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@animasta said:

@alexandersheen said:

@animasta: You mean Fräulein und Panzer?

girls is madchen!

fraulein is for women

My german is a little bit rusty, but if I remember correctly, mädchen is for little girl (elementary schooler age), fräulein is for young girl (high schooler age) and frau is for women (adult age).

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well they look like elementary schoolers with boobs anyway, so I am still right

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@animasta said:

well they look like elementary schoolers with boobs anyway, so I am still right

Are they?

*looks at the picture again*

You were right, they do.

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Studio Trigger's Inferno Cop officially ended! The greatest anime of all time ever has reached a thrilling 12 minute conclusion including 8 minutes of credits

Make sure to watch the whole series if you have not already!

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BTW, when is the next new Evangelion coming out. It's been years since I saw the second movie.

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Holy shit that is a lot of new shows. I'll stick to what I usually do, which is just get recommendations and then watch them. There is no way I'm watching everything that's catching my eye, and there is probably something good I'm glossing over. Anyhow. List of shit that looks interesting based 100% on that graph.

  • Red Data Girl.
  • Yahari Ore no blaalaalabalba
  • Devil Survivor (SMT, can't go wrong right?)
  • Shingeki No Kyojin (I read the manga so this one is given)
  • Hentai Ouji (Cute art)
  • Katanagatari, again :D
  • Also I promised to watch all of Girls und Panzer, so I guess that too.

We'll see how it works out. I'm way more excited for this season in any case!

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I never thought about it before but Trafalgar Law's ability is almost like Photoshop. Granted it's like a super watered down version where you can only cut, paste, and adjust orientation of whatever image is taken in his circles. Maybe it's like Photoshop 1.0 or MS Paint without the paint. If anything it may be more similar to video editing since everything is still in motion. I guess what I'm trying to say is, imagine if Vinny had that power. Nonstop hilarity.