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@Jay444111: I wouldn't mind dubbed anime if they actually had more voices to choose from. You think it's bad hearing Nolan North's voice in everything? Dubbed anime has 20+ Nolan Norths that are in everything.   
Dat Nolan North. Everywhere.
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I posted some thoughts on Gurren Lagann the other day after reading this thread.

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"The Home Website" for Anime here in the States is FAKKU if you want to chat with real die hard fans without restraints ^__^

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Almost nobody in the whisky media office likes anime. However, almost everyone loves video games, movies and technology with a passing interest/tolerance of comics. 
They need to take the site out back and put a bullet in it, either that or sell it to an anime network/community that will make use of the wiki tools and subject matter to their fullest. Even if I Liked anime I wouldn't browse anime vice due to the lack of care, personalities and community it has when shown next to its whisky brethren. It's just not a good fit with the rest of the guys whereas something like a music wiki/community would be a good fit. With almost half the staff having been in a band or having made their own music it makes sense to go in that direction, hell they even have a good mix of genre lovers from hiphop with jeff to metal loving alex to pop lover ryan with will smith on the side with his appreciation of classic music.

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Even if I liked Anime the colour scheme of AV makes my fucking eyes hurt.

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Tell you what, im off all of next week and i used to (a long time ago) help run an anime site, ill write some articles up and see how it goes.  If i can ill also try and get some of the folks who helped me with the other site. 

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It's not like the tested and screened forums are particularly lively either. I asked a question about cables on Tested, no useful replies - got my answer here in a couple hours. Simple fact of the matter is that even if you get a couple 'helpful individuals' who suggest there is a better site for your discussion question in the Whiskey Media family - if you want to discuss something with people like the people on Giantbomb, just post in off-topic and you will get what you are looking for.

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I would actually quite like to see Anime Vice get some love, maybe they will announce something on the Big Live Live Show Live today.

Not really big on anime but interested in trying some out, the site being more taken care of and committed to would make it way more compelling to visit.

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@ShinjiEx said:
"The Home Website" for Anime here in the States is FAKKU if you want to chat with real die hard fans without restraints ^__^
I thought that was a hentai site 0_o 
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I like anime but have no interest in talking about it.

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I went to a news article and looked at the comments/side-bar and the text is white-on-white, what the shit.

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@FluxWaveZ: I actually got into  one piece quite recently... i owe it too anime vice forums, cause i asked where  in the show i should start if i wanted to get to where the story starts getting awesome. Dude totally pointed to the beginning of an arc and told me it was his favourite and that most of his crew was part of it by that time. After that amazing arc, i just kept going(ep 230ish to episode 514 now.)...now im caught up and pissed about how long they are spending winding up again (something that i was proud to see not happening at any other point in the story). I get why u would say that about Naruto, cause there are alot of episodes and half of them are stupid stupid side stories, but one piece and bleach is servicable...kinda...
Anyway, maybe part of the problem is cause unlike comic vine, i dont see the staff show up on the other sites, i see comic vine promoting comics on the free happy hours, which made me go get flash point 1-5. I see tested crew show up on quicklooks for giantbomb, and i sometimes see giantbomb ppl on tested's stuff. Finally, I see screened in all of the above. Who the hell is even on anime vice, what is happening in anime?? why aren't they getting me to care about new anime? If they show up, talk about some awesome anime or make fun of some really bad/stupid anime, then i can totally get into that stuff and go find a place to talk about it. They need to stimulate the whiskey media community if they expect to have growth and visitors from sister site goers.
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@super2j: If I'm going to get invested into an anime like that, I'm not going to start at the middle of it, essentially missing all of the exposition and set-up from the previous episodes. It's still too much for me.
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I have only seen two different anime series this year (and they were both a few years old) but I might start posting there if I start watching more. Also I tend to watch subs mostly but I would argue that the dubs for Midori Days and Baccano are better than the subs.

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@SoldierG654342: i think you are right, i think that bubble basically busted for me last year, I went in deep and even watched mediocre things happily... but all of a sudden i went from watching like 6 or 7 shows to 3(the long things like naruto, bleach and fairy tail. Over time i gave up on naruto and picked up one piece). I can't handle the mediocre stuff season after season.....  
To be honest if shows like Avatar last airbender and young justice continue to happen and prosper, i may never look back to watching any anime(other then what im watching now). The animation in those shows are a hundred times better (they dont cut away when someone is punched) and each episode satisfies and doesn't rehash for 10min.