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My knowledge of After Effects goes about as far as having text fly toward the camera. Trying to make a ten second Youtube intro and needed some help. Kind of want to recreate the Sega intro but don't know where to start with it.

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I've started getting into After Effects stuff myself only recently as I just finished a video production course but the AE stuff wasn't even covered. There's a lot out there and much of it will come from experimenting. Try searching for what you want to achieve in Google or on Youtube. There are lots of really good tutortials out there. Take a look at Video Copilot as well. They have a bunch of tutorials on their website and even some free presets on their site. I made this video below following some of the tutorials I found and I think the results turned out pretty well considering it really only takes a few minutes and tweaking what you need.

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keyframe + scale the text. making the text scale larger through the transition gives the illusion of it flying towards the camera.

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Id call myself an apprentice. Do you have an example of the intro you're talking about? Like, Sonic 1?

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I assume this one?

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@mrcraggle said:

Take a look at Video Copilot as well.

I have to second this. That guy taught me so much.